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    Originally posted by cdevan View Post
    Several months ago, I wrote the article "For the love of Studebakers" to address several issues and concerns that I had about our Chapter. Since then, I have had several requests to use the information from the article for their Chapters. "Yes", please feel free to you use any or all of the article as you see fit. I would hope that it would serve as the catalyst for members to ask the hard questions for their Chapters that may be struggling with the same concerns. Good luck.


    Your article hits the nail on the head! I tried to do this 11 years ago and it got shot down and the local chapter has suffered immensely for it. I am sorry that many do not have the vision, but some of us do. We have to respectfully convince those in the older generations to see the benefit.

    Great job on the article! I hope many chapters use the information contained in it!
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      idk how i've missed this thread and posts in the past!

      i belong to a great "local" club (meaning the eastern half of NC) - ENCSDC. i agree with just about everything in the 1st post. happy there haven't been any "Bah Humbug" posts (yet), other than the one saying some others in his local club stated: "WE HAVE NEVER DONE IT THAT WAY BEFORE"!!!

      between health issues and now a '51 that i have reservations about trying to get to other than nearby meets, i hope to get to other club meets - even if i have to take my brand X to "hang out" with fellow Studebaker folks.

      i hope by this winter i'll be able to help more if needed, with the local club when the elections come up in December. plus get the '51 up to where i can drive her anywhere!
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        Bumping this because its a good read.
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          Look at the number of contributors who no longer post on the forum.
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            so far i have read comments about meetings are two far away why not get together with members who are closer to youthen the local chapter,and have a satellite meeting 2 week before the monthly meeting take notes at the meeting then pick a person who doesn't mind the long drive to the monthly meeting and bring the notes from the satellite meetings to the local chapter monthly meeting there for the whole chapter would know what is going on. and what thoughts and concerns the satellite membership might have. just a suggestion. LEONARD BLACK HAWK CHAPTER OF ILLINOIS.