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  • A bit of help + info needed

    I accidently ran over a pylon with heavy bolts cemented in the top,the result was a broken right manifold,that I have a spare & gaskets for. I need the torque specs manifold to block to put back on.
    The bolts punched a hole in the oil pan & I was wondering if someone had 1 they could sell & mail to my US address,I believe all V/8 were same.
    I may be able to tig it but would prefer a good used
    PS motor is a 63-289 ci
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Here's a link for the torque specs:

    Sorry I can't help you on the oil pan.
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      I believe C/K oil pans were different than sedan oil pans; at least mine is. Shouldn't make a difference if it is 232, 224, 259 or 289 but, body style might.
      Brad Johnson,
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        Better check that. The 289 has a longer stroke and the pan might be deeper than a 224 or 259 pan. The chassis parts books will have the answer.

        I replaced a 51 Rambler engine with a 55 rambler engine back in the cay. The longer stroke 55 rods hit the 51 pan. It sure was weird watching the bottom of that pan vibrate.
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          To: kmul221,-----I believe all '56-'64 V8 oil pans are the same......Except R engine types (Avanti)....and '56 Golden Hawk, of course!


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            They are all the same pan except the 56 Packard and the 6 Qt, used in 1955 and the R series. I have lots.
            Castro Valley,


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              Canbdstudebakers check your PM re oil-pan,please PM me with reply