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Why hasn't this ad hit the forum?

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  • Why hasn't this ad hit the forum?

    I don't keep up with Ebay, but in following a link in the forum, was led to this car and am curious why all the Avanti lovers hadn't posted this yet. Seems pretty inexpensive to me.

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    "Reserve not met" tells us very little about the price. I don't even own one and "Nothing is more expensive than a cheap Avanti" comes to mind quicker than "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should".
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      This car looks more like a 125K mile car rather than 25K.

      Denny L


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        Odd that it has the fake wood dash and all-black carpets. Those were not offered until late 63 or 64 cars.
        By serial...and the owners own statement,...this is a early 63 model built in late 62.
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          There are a number of things about this '63 Avanti that 'Don't Look Right'.......and the add itself seems a bit vague. Also, the rear 'helper' springs and the frame bottom plate look a bit scary.


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            Not to worry it closed as a NO Sale on eBay. Didn't make the reserve. If i were interested before even bidding I'd go take a look or have someone do that for me. To much wrong with this one which makes me wonder about the presentation and representation made by the posted interesting and worth investigating.
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              I just took another look at this add.....noticed something kind of odd.......the serial number is 63R-1505 (as we know, an early '63) the body number is RQ 3196....a definite '64 Avanti body number. I believe what
              we have here is a '63 Avanti that was severly damaged or vandalized years ago, and 'brought back' using parts from a wrecked '64. (Or vice-versa!)


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                My #1 Avanti matches all the paperwork. It is serial #63R-3286 with body# 63RQ-2304 & engine R-2328 made 2/15/63.

                This Avanti may have the early vin but as SN-60 said the body # & equipment dont jive. When I first saw it I thought it might have been one of the few late 63's that had the 64 interior & grille when they were introduced in the summer of 63 but not with that early of vin.
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