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Does anyone have a sticker ,that identify's the manufactuer above the vin?

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  • Does anyone have a sticker ,that identify's the manufactuer above the vin?

    I'm looking for that Black and white sticker , that goes above the vin on the door post. Maaco painted mine over , but I rubbed out the vin number yesterday. So I thought someone on the forum produce the black and white sticker (now) . That shows the manufactuer name. Thanks Mike.

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    I thought SI had 'em?

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      The Studebaker wheel logo on the vin tags are actually painted on as well as the makers identification (i.e. "The Studebaker Corp. South Bend, IND"). I don't know of a sticker made for that application, however it wouldn't be that difficult to make, at least I wouldn't think.
      Chris Dresbach


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        I had thought Bondobilly approached that.
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          They come up on eBay with regularity. There were subtle changes over the years.
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            I have one around here in decal form. They were reproduced in Studebaker Corp and Studebaker Packard Corp. Someone will put you in touch with the marketer. I bought mine on ebay. Ain't nothing worse than a crappy ID plate. cept a crappy car. cheers jimmijim
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