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63 Lark floor panels

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  • 63 Lark floor panels

    I am looking for opinons on floor panels for the 63 Larks. My question is does anyone make the front floor panels with the domed part in them towards the transmission tunnel?

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    I have never seen a repo tunnel. jimmijim
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      Originally posted by jimmijim8 View Post
      I have never seen a repo tunnel. jimmijim
      Paul , I know exactly what you are asking for, Classic don't press the bulge in their floor pans, I think the only way out is finding a good original for a replacement section.
      Brian Greenall
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        I also haven't seen any w/the dimple & reinforcement in the corners for the body brace. I spoke w/ Lamont at CE about those but he said he needed an example to make the pattern.I hope the torque boxes are good in your conv. project. Good luck.
        Rob in PA.


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          Is the corner reinforcment different on a convertible? Somebody on here once pointed out that you can use the corner reinforcement that Classic Enterprises sell for T-cabs for larks if you modify it. They're only 5 bucks a piece. They look different like there's a left and a right. I ordered a couple sets and they called me up asking if I really wanted 2 sets. I told them that I was going to use them on a 64 and 65 lark type and they guy said, "yeah , you can do that". I don't know why they don't list them under the larks and lark-types.

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