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  • Studebaker stories?

    I as many of you watch the Velocity Channel, but now I find that I am bored with it. Its the same old stuff , Ferrari, Porsche, Benz and the like. I don't know about you, but I can't buy a Ferrari or a Porsche "no mucho dinero", but I can and have bought a Studebaker. Why can't the Velocity Channel do a reality show and call it Studebaker Stories?. I can't chase the type of cars Wayne chases (Chassing Classic Cars) and if I see one more 69 Camero or Mustang sold at the Mecum Auctions I'll puke. Oh well, I will keep watching their shows and hope to see a Stude now and then.

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    I would be nice if these shows put more focus on 'down to earth' type vehicles. I always thought these shows discuss Ferraris and Duesenburgs because they interest not only 'car' people,
    but people who want to hear about those cars history,...incredible current values,....the celebrities that owned them, etc.