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Nashville, TN Meet Yesterday (10/13/12)

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  • Nashville, TN Meet Yesterday (10/13/12)

    Early yesterday morning, I left the Elizabethtown, KY area and drove the 56J south 150 miles to an outstanding meet in Nashville. In addition to lots local Tennessee Studebaker folks, famous for their friendly hospitality, there were many others from Alabama, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, and elsewhere just as friendly. Several vendors were present, and even a few cars for sale. I had a great time seeing old friends made from meets gone by (and this NG), making new friends, and of course, kickin tires & tellin lies.

    My only two disappointments were that I had to leave my camera man, er son, behind, and that I needed to get back to KY by mid-afternoon for another son's football game. (They both attend school on the weekends.) So I left around noon, but it looked like the fun was to continue for several hours more. There were a few rain clouds beginning to form. Not sure if it rained or not, but I doubt it dampened the spirits of so many nice folks turned out for such a well organized event. This appears to be a reincarnation of the old Shelbyville, TN meet, and is certainly one to mark our calenders for next year.

    There were lots of folks there with cameras, and I hope someone posts a few on this NG.

    Thanks to all the Tennessee folks who made it happen !

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    Try This...........
    Jack White
    North Carolina Studebaker Drivers Club


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      Well Jack it looks like the Studemino made it to Nashville....did it make it back to Charlotte?

      I see on another thread that the Studemino indeed make it to Nashville and back. Congrats......
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      Joe Roberts
      '61 R1 Champ
      '65 Cruiser
      Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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        Great show, thanks for sharing the pics!
        Dave Lester