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It's 1966 would you buy a Studebaker as your first car ?

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    I was 15, Bought a 57 Chevy 2 dr.sedan in Savanah Georgia while on vacation for $65, Never had a new car till after I got married, and the Studebaker I have now was bought for $99, Really moving up in the world,aren't I? My dad did buy a new 1964 4dr. Daytona, and it was one of the few times he bought a new car. A friend had A 64-66 2dr. In maroon with a black vinyl Top . It was a good looking ride! ( I also owned a bullet nose convertible when young, it was a $50 cost ride,still have title ,but no car)
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    Randy Wilkin
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      My first car was a 1953 Studebaker Commander Coupe that I bought in 1959. In 1966 after returning from Southeast Asia I bought my first new car a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 XL. Buying a Studebaker was the furthest thing from my mind…



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        Having learned to drive in a '52 Stude can encourage a person's direction, but then seeing a new white GT Hawk in front of the local Studebaker dealer in 1963 set delayed gratification into motion. Going to college got in the way of car purchases, then a family. So it was the late '70s before I got a Studebaker. Peer pressure certainly wouldn't have helped deciding on a Studebaker in 1966, but money could be the deciding factor.


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          Not in 1966. I owned a '56 Flight Hawk which looked the look, but couldn't walk the talk. My grandmother took pity on me because the Champion was the usual smoking ruin after a lifetime of trying to pull the heavy Hawk body. She loaned me the money to buy a new '66 Falcon 289".

          Today, I might bring home the little lost kitten Studebaker. Need proof? We just bought a 2011 Saab 9-4X; the ultimate low production orphan.

          jack vines


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            I guess my family's gene's have something for orphan cars. My father owned many Studebakers from 1951 to his last '63 wagon. I have owned many Saabs since my first new one in 1983. I am thinging of buying one now. However, I am gland my son purchase a VW GTI in 2007 rather than the Saabaru 9-1.


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              In 66 I would have been 24 and just starting my family. No money for a new car so settled on my restored 51 Chev 2 dr. sports coupe. I spent the summer of circa 1956 working for my uncle in his Studebaker dealership and did fall in love with the Hawks. My first car was a 10 year old 51 Pontiac coupe.That car served me well until a collision put it out of service. That car was followed by several clunkers including a 49 Morris Minor followed by the 51 Chev which got rear ended when my wife was 8 months pregnant. Then about 65 I restored a 53 Chev 2 dr. sedan. That car is now sitting in my daughter's garage undergoing it's 3rd. restoration. It got restored about 10 years ago and needed some minor floor work now so it is getting a new floor and body mounts as well as a new mustang front end etc. When I first built it I also built a 283 chev engine for it. Fit like a glove. Ran a power glide with shift kit in it a 57 Pontiac rear end. Made a very fine family car. Ran it until 1974 when a woman backed into the side of it from a parking spot while my wife was passing behind her. It got stored in a shed until about 10 years ago when my daughter took it over to restore it again.
              Bought my first Stude a week before my wife passed away in 86 (1936 Dictator) and a second one about 2009. A 56 Champion undergoing restoration right now. Still love those Studes.
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                Well, considering I was only five when the last Studebaker was made in March of '66, buying a new one was out of the question. I do remember in the fall of '66 after the '67 cars had been introduced, my father was looking for a new family car to replace our '62 Lark. He visited the Studebaker dealer, as they still had leftover '66s, and a few '65s too. While he was tempted, he decided to avoid an orphan, and ended up buying a leftover Plymouth Belvidere. I still have the well warn sales brochure for the leftover '65 Studebaker he looked at, and it repesented the first piece of literture I collected.

                As a postscript, my father DID bring home another 1968, he purchased a well warn, and rather rusty, '55 President sedan as our second car. Many fond memories of riding in the back seat of that car, having my own vent window in the door....big deal for an eight year old kid!
                Eric DeRosa

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                  Definitely not me. I was only 5 so it's hard to gauge without having actually been of age, but knowing me I wouldn't even given it a thought. Too busy thinking about a Super Stock Dodge or aMustang, even better, the all-new sports car just coming out called Camaro
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           then I had become an AMC fan.
                    Lou Van Anne
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                      I was 16 in 1970. My first car is pictured below. Pretty cool, huh?
                      My first car on the road again!

                      The old girl has never been sold to the public
                      Grandpa was a Studie dealer. He got it off the car carrier in 1956 and drove it until 1959
                      My dad: 1959-70


                      Me: 1970-2015 and counting!


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                        In 1966 I bought a 1965 98 Olds convertible. Nice car but a booger to get rid of when I was ready for a new car in 1969.

                        Denny L


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                          Originally posted by Green53 View Post
                          In 1966 I bought a 1965 98 Olds convertible.
                          And who would have thought Oldsmobile would go the same way Studebaker did?