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It's 1966 would you buy a Studebaker as your first car ?

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  • It's 1966 would you buy a Studebaker as your first car ?

    I was 16 at the time, and there was no way I would purchase a Studebaker, to be honest I wanted the fastest car my money would buy, and I was partial to GM because my family had up to that time alawys bought GM, , this did not happen till I was 17 , I purchased a 1968 Dodge Superbee with a 440 , auto , and manual steering, I wanted a 427 Chevy Biscane that was sold by Baldwin motion in Long Island Newyork ,but my Dad would not take me to purchase the Chevy, I tried to order a Z-28 , and had to wait till the 69 models were out so I went with the Dodge, it was many years latter in my life when I did purchase my first Studebaker.
    Joseph Kastellec

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    In 1966,I was 14 years old- When I turned 16 and got my license,the only NEW car I would have bought would have been a Chevelle,or El Camino! My first car was a 62 Buick Special,4 dr,with a 215 v-8 and a three in the tree-yup,a real dream car But I've had more than my share of Chevelles,El Caminos Impalas,Camaros,Chargers,Challengers,1 Super Bee,1 Cuda,couple of Corvettes,ETC. Got my first Studebaker at 50 years old. Better late than never!


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      I liked them then as a kid...and knowing what I know now, I would absolutely have bought a new '66 Stude. I like the gold with black vinyl top they offered that year.
      Bill Pressler
      Kent, OH
      (formerly Greenville, PA)
      Currently owned: 1966 Cruiser, Timberline Turquoise, 26K miles
      Formerly owned: 1963 Lark Daytona Skytop R1, Ermine White
      1964 Daytona Hardtop, Strato Blue
      1966 Daytona Sports Sedan, Niagara Blue Mist
      All are in Australia now


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        At 16 I definitely would have bought a new Studebaker if I could have afforded it.....the problem would have been I'd only have wanted a Stude Avanti or an 'R' engined Hawk or Lark....and they weren't
        being built in 1966. In all honesty, if I wanted to buy a car with a Chevy engine, it probably would have been a Chevrolet...not a Chevrolet powered Studebaker.


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          I wanted a 64 hawk when I was 17. Thats 1967 but knew my dad would sign for the loan. Finally got my 64 this year whats that been 45 years.


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            Like most 18 year olds I had some big ideas about what car I wouild buy--if I could. I fell in love with a brand new Morgan Plus 4. I loved that green car with its leather hood straps wrapped around that long hood. I knew what Studebakers were, but for me that was the fartherest thing from my mind. Another car that I really wantred was the Lotus Super 7 that I passed every morning on my paper route. I didn't get that Morgan nor the Super Seven, but instead a 1959 Opel Station wagon and it lasted all of three days. I still drool over every Morgan and Super 7 I see, but have never had either one.
            Joe Roberts
            '61 R1 Champ
            '65 Cruiser
            Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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              Bought my first "real car" in 1966. I had a 1954 Chevy..beater rust bucket. I was playing in rock in roll band and had some bucks while still in HS.. My dream cars..Corvettes..E Types..GTO..Firebirds..all with the most powerful motors..
              But the car I wanted.. A 1953 Stude..with a Cadillac motor. I was talked out of it by my uncles and my Dad.. It was cream colored..looked good and sounded nice and ran well..

              It worked out OK.. I bought a nice 57 'Vette from a car show with a 409 (really a 348 !! Yikes) stuffed became my drag car after I blew the 348 (trying to make it run like a 409 !)..and squeezed in a 427 dual quad..
              In 1967 I bought a one year old 1966 Royal Pontiac Bobcat GTO with a built 421 tri power (nice street cheater)..which became the tow car..and a surprise for the pesky 396 Chevelles !

              And it was on...
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                To: parts,----- You owned quite the car in that Royal Bobcat!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  No way without a 4V and dual exhaust option. Otherwise, yes.
                  \'63 Avanti
                  \'66 Commander


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                    I was too happy just to be driving my 52 Starlght coupe ..........who wanted a new car <g>

                    Home of the Fried Green Tomato


                    1960 Champ , 1966 Daytona , 1965 Daytona Wagonaire


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                      In a manner of speaking, I actully did.
                      In 1966 I was 17, dad was looking at the new models to replace his high-milage Bordeux Red '64 Commander.
                      Pop was a long time Studebaker man and had bought dozens of new ones over the decades. His first car was a '34 President.
                      Anyway, in fall of '65 we were visiting various dealers to see what they had to offer, and as I recall the only non-Stude that caught dad's eye was the '66 Tempest with its OHC 6.
                      We ended up at a small Studebaker dealership in down-town Owosso Michigan, where we sat down and 'special ordered' a new '66 Commander 4 dr sedan.
                      -I tried to talk dad into a Daytona Sport Coupe, or at least a 2door Commander, but he wasn't having none of that.
                      On the other hand he wanted my input, so I did get to pick out the color 'Richelieu Blue' and power train, 283 V-8 and 3 speed with overdrive.
                      Apparently it wasn't from stock, as I recall we waited a few weeks for it to be delivered, and when we first went to look at it had not yet received Dealer prep. so we had to wait yet another day. But it was worth it. Man would that sucker move!
                      Wish I'd likewise been able to select the engine for the '64 R R Rrrr!
                      (Mom was thrilled by all of the purchase 'Bonus' gifts that began arriving.)

                      I got to drive it school a few times when dad didn't need it for work, and did rack up hundreds of miles on it driving up to our old farm in Northern Michigan, and our cabin on Higgens Lake.
                      Well I never actually ended up with that one, because my uncle Herbert gave me his ultra-low milage Yukon Gold '65 Cruiser as a HS graduation gift!
                      In the hands of a young hotrodder (me) it ended up with a Duntov cam, Weiand Hi-Rise & AFB, dual exhausts, 11" clutch assembly, and Hurst shifted 4 on the floor.
                      Used to love suprising the Mustang crowd with my 'lowly' old Studebaker 4 door.

                      Stupid kid, in the mid-70s I sold it, and although I tried to buy it back many times, it was not for sale, and then one day it was gone, gone, gone.
                      I couldn't hardly ever live that one down, so over the years I have bought several Studebakers, with the '64s being my favorites.
                      I now have 3 '64 Daytona's, The Strato-Blue HT I named 'Henry' after dad, and the Golden Sand HT 'Herbert' after uncle Herb.

                      6 Studebakers total now, and retired, I hardly drive at all anymore, so will regretfully have to begin reducing my collection.
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                        Always admired the 66 lineup! Would definitely purchase a new sixty-six, but was only 14 that year. Remember shopping with Dad in 1964 for a new car. We went to Przywara Motor Co. In Runnemeade NJ, tried to get him to purchase the white Avanti on the showroom floor! Came home with a white 1964 Commander V8 three speed with overdrive, great car! Dad always purchased Studebakers, waited months on the list for that 46 Champion!
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                          I probably would have but....the only new car I could buy In 1966 had Tonka written on it. I do remember following the demise of the Studebaker Automotive Division. My older brother was a fan and I followed in his footsteps.
                          Jamie McLeod
                          Hope Mills, NC

                          1963 Lark "Ugly Betty"
                          1958 Commander "Christine"
                          1964 Wagonaire "Louise"
                          1955 Commander Sedan
                          1964 Champ
                          1960 Lark


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                            Got my license in 66 and to answer the question at hand, not only no but hell no. I do have a Stude now and just bought another, but not because they are Studebakers, because I like the body style.
                            Working on old cars separates the men from the golfers.


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                              Believe or not, in 1966, my 'dream' vehicle was a Land Rover, the 109"wb model with four doors. I actually had the brochure on one, which unfolded into a huge poster. The photo along the top showed the Serengeti plains in Africa, IIRC.