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1933 studebaker comander 8 model 73 convertible sedan

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  • 1933 studebaker comander 8 model 73 convertible sedan

    Hi Guys,

    i have just started restoring a 33 studebaker convertible sedan in india

    was looking for a few parts like the radiator grill surround and the radiator mascot among many other body fittings
    also need the dials and rear tail lamp lenses

    any leads on where i should start searching ?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Studebaker%20Commander8.jpg
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Name:	Studebaker%20Commander8_%20dash.jpg
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Name:	Studebaker%20Commander8_%20front%20full.jpg
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Name:	Studebaker%20Commander8_side.jpg
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    The mascot and tail light lens have beed reproduced. What are you refering to by dials? Gauges?


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      Welcome to the forum! Neat car!
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        You can also check with the Antique Studebaker Club for pre-war car information. A good bet.


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          Good luck to you with your restoration. As already mentioned, the Antique Studebaker Club is more focused on pre-WW2 cars, but we have some folks on this forum with good knowledge and connections to parts sources as well. Do you know anything about the history of the car? Was it imported to India when it was new, or more recently? Studebakers show up in the strangest places.
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            To: Allan.Almeida,------Talk about RARE...and a '33 at that.. really a more manageable car than it's bigger brother. Best of luck with it!


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              I'll start you off with one source you will probably need.

              Explore their reproduction parts and steering wheels.

              If you haven't already joined the Antique Studebaker Club, please do so. The magazine is bi-monthly and contains a wealth of information and parts resources; also offers free classified ads to members.
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                Hi Alan,
                you have a difficult task ahead of you without a complete car. 33 is the elusive year in terms of Studebaker. Nobody really has parts for them.

                You may be better off buying a parts car and importing it. Or just make something. You Indians are good at fabricating.

                There are a few of those 33's in India. So you should get in contact with the other guy who has the 33 model 56 convertible sedan to se if you can use his car for patterns. I did see a big State President convertible sedan pictured in India at one of the many Royal palaces in the late 1980s

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                  I'd be surprised if this car shown here isn't the same one talked about in this post being restored. It's probably the prettiest Studebaker I've ever seen. It's in India.
        ,5.aspx#pic . Maybe someone knows better how to post the picture without all the rigamarole I have to go through.

                  I just looked at the license plate numbers and it IS the same car!!
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                    Has nice lines.


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                      Some body put the steering on the wrong side. Other than that, great project.


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                        33 studes

                        hi Allan,
                        been looking for 1933 studebaker parts since 1989...just recently got my second glass tail light lens...33 was the lowest production have an extremely nice and very rare car there in very nice condition...i have a large collection of 28-33 stude buddy in oregon has a 33 comander...we should chat...mike klaus...