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1962 Gran Turismo 2bbl, 4spd car with Clean title, I'm going to part Her out! Any interests?

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  • 1962 Gran Turismo 2bbl, 4spd car with Clean title, I'm going to part Her out! Any interests?

    So guys (and Gals) I havent had this car very long. if You go to My profile You can read up on where its from and all that.
    Any who, I am taking the 4 Spd and rear end, and the rest of the car is comming apart to let some of You get a much needed upgrade piece for Your own 62 Stude. Other than the top fender chrome strips and the manifold and carb from the 259 V8, I have the complete car with extra's bits and pieces. The chrome grill is real nice with no pitting and the grill insert has very light surface rust, see pics in My profile.
    I slapped a battery in Her and everything still functions properly including the nice radio. Bucket seats, Nice console, extra interior and door handles, arm rests, full carpets,(faded but no rot) I was on the fence for awhile about which direction to go with this car and I find that I'm a purist and didnt have the heart to cut and rat it into a rod. So take a look at the car tell me what You want and make an offer. it's a shame I know that shipping is expensive. so if You live within say 2000 miles of Me and You really want to make the drive I may compensate abit if You want to pull the parts Yourself. Just remember! They only made THIS car One year with Subtle changes for the next couple years. So dont insult Me! I have a heart, and I truely love 50's Studes, Yeah I said it! I'm using the 4speed and rear end from the Gran Turismo in My 1951 Commander Regal state Starlight Coupe build! If You are interested in comunicating please reply with a phone and best time to call, all that info is in My profile. As well as the picks of the car(1962 Gran Turismo) and her extra parts! I have a ton of pics and will take close ups of anything You would like to see clearer. Click image for larger version

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    P.M.sent to your mailbox.


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      Just an observation, but if the frame and floors are still good, it would be a good basis for a GT Hawk convertible conversion. Try offering the rolling body and chassis for that.



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        Great Idea Steve, I'm going out to the farm where My car is. I'll be bringing it back to My shop where I can do a better assesment of it's condition.
        Patrick Sammon


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          Hi effiedude:

          Sent PM just now. Many thanks for posting.



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            Front fenders look solid-big bucks there,if they are as nice as they look. Left and right grille shells,if not cracked,big bucks there too! [They can be chromed to go on 56-61 Hawks] and the chrome plating will be much better than trying to chrome a piece which was originally chromed. Save 'em!


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              52Hawk, Any input or information is much appreciated guys, I'm not trying to get rich parting out this car(1962 GT Hawk) I'm just trying to offset the expense of My 1951 Commander Regal State Starlight coupe. Whats an honest price for rust free front fenders for this car? One of the grills has a crack (see pic) the other is fine, all the dash componants work just fine including the radio. What is an honest asking price for the grill shell and grill? I also have the stock stude factory radiator in fine shape. Basically I still have the entire car with lots of extra trim pieces. I havent sold anything from the car as of yet. I did have an offer on the rear deck lid. I have a couple complete HILLHOLDER's also and am wondering what they are worth?? I can see why some of the OLDER members are on the fence about New Members but if We dont teach the Young how will We keep studes alive? Any input is greatly appreciated! Have a fine day!

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              Patrick Sammon