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They stole my gas cap last night

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    What Bob Andrews said...
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      About a week ago someone smashed out my passenger side window and loosened all the lug nuts on the right rear wheel for no apparent reason.. no one stole any gas though..


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        Not a gas cap but about 15 years ago someone pried off the deck lid emblem from my 63 Lark 8 along with the chrome ring. That one still baffles me - why anyone would want it when there were all kinds of "trendy" vehicles nearby.
        1963 Canadian Lark VY-6 4E2-122 Deluxe Scotsman

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          About 10 years ago had my 49 sitting at my shop. Arrived one morning to find all the wheels gone and the car just laying flat on the ground. Nothing worse than a thief.


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            I took my dogs out to the yard in the morning. As I walked past my Studebaker, I noticed that someone had 'egged' my car during the night! I used a simple mailbox lock and drilled my gas cover flap and installed that to deter gas thieves. Maybe they tried to steal gas, got pissed and egged the car in retaliation.
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