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Max Corkins - American Pickers Youtube Link

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  • 2R5
    Hey Thanks was great to see something on Pickers that we've been to many times.....can't believe he sold that prestone thermometer for 50 bucks !

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  • Max Corkins - American Pickers Youtube Link

    I posted this link of the Max Corkins Pick on another thread but noticed only 10 people looked at the thread after I posted it.

    For those who have not seen Max getting picked it was pretty interesting... Here is a guy that received two bags of toys from his aunt as a child every time he went for a visit. Both bags contained the same toys, one to bring home and one to stay at his aunt house so he would have them to play with when he was visiting.

    Max was very attached to those childhood memories and would not sell any of the toys. Mike and Frank were virtually shut out with the exception of his Uncles toy from the early twenties. Max told them it was the first toy he ever sold and Max had plenty of memories.

    Here is the link...enjoy!