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Leather interior in 1951 Commander convertible

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  • Leather interior in 1951 Commander convertible

    Anybody have any pictures of the interior of a '51 conv with leather interior? Were the door panels also leather? What colors were available?
    Anybody have any nice original, nos or replated chrome available for the '51?

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    You should've asked a year ago Nels.. I had almost every piece of chrome for a '51 NOS. I still have a NOS (parts will need rechroming) front bumper guard/overrider assembly if you want to make it a bit gaudy.

    Here's a '51 Commander with a leather interior. Sadly I don't have anymore interior pics.

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      Didn't you know that I would need that stuff?
      I saw that conv in Phoenix a few yrs back. A good looking car. See if you have a few more shots of that interior or others. Thanks,


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        This one was at the Atlantic Zone Meet last year at Gettysburg. This appears to be a true survivor; nothing's been restored, or ever waxed for that matter.

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          My 50 Commander had original upholstery when I bought it in 1973.

          The door panels were oil cloth. That a was very popular cloth in the 50's, and was used for outdoor table cloths, rain coats and the like. It was sort of a vinyl precursor. It was a heavy canvas impregnated with some vinyl-like substance. Probably made out of tree sap or something. Nowadays, upholsterers use thin vinyl to replace oil cloth, but even the thinnest vinyl is too thick to look exactly correct, and to bend and fold around the corners correctly.

          The rear side of the front seat backs were also covered with oil cloth.

          from Wikipedia:

          Oilcloth was, traditionally, heavy cotton or linen cloth with a linseed oil coating: it was semi-waterproof. The most familiar use was for brightly printed kitchen tablecloths. Dull-colored oilcloth was used for bedrolls, sou'westers, and tents. By the late 1950s, oilcloth became a synonym for vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) bonded to either a flanneled cloth or a printed vinyl with a synthetic non-woven backing.
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