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63 Hawk GT w/ 4speed

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  • 63 Hawk GT w/ 4speed

    Hi All - New guy question. Just wondering if there is a breakdown of the transmissions build numbers on the Hawk GT. I just purchased a 63 w 4 speed. I have enough auto's so the 4 speed really attracted me to this car. Now i'm wondering how many had the various tranmissions. Thanks JimO
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    I am not aware of anyone having made a tally of each transmission used in Hawks. From what I have seen, automatics are by far the most common followed by the column-shift 3-speed manual. I have a 1963 Hawk with 4-speed myself but I sometimes would prefer a 3-speed with overdrive when I am driving a long distance, but otherwise it is fun to drive and race through the gears when leaving from a stop light.
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      Welcome to the SDC and the SDC Forum Jim!

      You can join us at SDC at the top of these pages at a first year discount to get the outstanding Monthly Publication "Turning Wheels" to stay up on the latest Technical data, Parts availability, for sale and wanted Cars & Parts, Stude. news etc.

      We only have Production numbers on the Jet Thrust and Super Jet Thrust GT Hawks, because very dedicated SDC Members have taken many hours to sort through the thousands of Production Orders at the Studebaker National Museum to identify those Special cars by Engine, Transmission type, Rear Axle type and Ratio, Color, and a few other options.

      Actually I believe the rarest are the straight 3 Speed Std. Trannies, followed by the 3 Speed Overdrives. The 4 Speeds were fairly popular on Hawks.

      As we know rare does not always equate to Desirable, the straight 3 speed is not the best choice!
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