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Engine out and a little more--Pics

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  • Engine out and a little more--Pics

    Got the engine out and started disassembly. Making a little progress. Didn't get to drive a Stude today. Just sat in it with T.O. Pictures of that later.

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    wow, a southern stude with a heater? I just finished installing my blower motor, and now after 40 years my car has interior heat Tex, I thought the sat. night special got a rebuild this spring, what up with pulling the engine now, did something let go? Junior
    1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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      Yes Junior a heater. I have heard a lot of people say they don't work good. This is not the case with mine. It works great, and so does the defroster. No, I didn't do the rebuild yet. The tornado damage to our home, garage and property has taken a lot longer to get repaired and cleaned up than I thought. So, just starting on the build. Sure do miss driving. I wanted to go to the S.E. zone meet in Jacksonville, and my oil pressure wasn't where I wanted. After pulling the pan I found a worn crank. Since I want to drive anywhere and not be worried, then a crank was in order. This led to a rebuild.