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Five Obsolete Auto Accessories, how many do you have on your Stude?

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    Originally posted by showbizkid View Post

    Boy, it's amazing how politics will pop up inside a perfectly innocent thread!

    Knock it off, guys, and let's stay on the topic, please.
    couldn't agree more
    1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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      Im not sure if this was mentioned or not, but glass sediment bowl style fuel filters and full size spare tires have become something of the past. Oh, and lets not forget vent doors.


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        In many cases it's better not to insult large groups of people you have never met. To quote Will Rogers, "Never miss a good chance to shut up." Of course I'm writing that after rising to the bait.
        Regards, Murray

        Originally posted by evilhawk View Post
        If it came from FOX then its BS. Did you know that people who watch FOX news actually know less about current events than the average person? Thats a fact.
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