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Clayton gets his first Studebaker of his own

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  • Clayton gets his first Studebaker of his own

    After many years of being a Studebaker Kid and doing more Studebaker things than most grown ups my grand son Clayton got his very own first Studebaker car, A nice running 1962 GT hawks, 289 with 4 bld. carb, auto, power steering, power brakes, TT and nice interior except needs a head liner, paint and 2 little rust out spots on the front fenders, He has a friend that does body work so that should get done right and his dad said they will get it painted and a new head liner. This is a car I have had for maybe two years just sitting around waiting for this day as it has only 74,000 miles but does need to be cleaned and a few items changed to make better, engine runs strong and should last for some time. He lives 120 miles away so it is not something that I can just pop over and give him a hand when he needs something, but he has a lot of knowledge about Studebakers and with the car he got the shop manual and was told to read it as he tries to fix any items just follow the book and it should work out easier. Clayton has been to 7 International meets and this year his dad my son John came to South Bend for his first International and really enjoyed himself. that has gotten him into the car act for now and willing to help Clayton. Clayton is 17 and a senior in HS and wants to go to school after HS and take up body work and things related to doing restorations, he would also like to take over my shop area and continue doing CandBstudebakers related things, it might or might not happen but at least for now he is thinking about moving ahead and doing something. only time will tell but for now I like the idea and will help move it in that direction, he is planning on going with me to South Bend in May for the swap meet so any one wanting large parts let me know as I will be bringing and delivering pre bought parts, if interested don't wait to the last minute and hope I have the item you need, lots of good sheet metal and some frames, any interested people please use my e-mail address and not the PM it is that way we both have a record of any and all conversations, not so with the PM system. also phone number is always open 510-266-2522.
    Castro Valley,

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    That's great. Hope to see him at more Karel Staple events.

    Congrats Clayton. Looking forward to seeing your new car.
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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      Outstanding! I really enjoyed having Clayton ride with me in the Studebaker parade in South Bend. Clayton and other young folks like him are the future of our club. There are plenty of Stude folks up in the Sacramento-Roseville area that would be willing to lend him a hand if needed. He can give me a call or send a note if I can be of assistance on his project.
      Pat Dilling
      Olivehurst, CA
      Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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        Well Clayton as a few years working on Studebaker's. Is a picture of the squirt learning how to take them apart.

        Patrick. nibbs53


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          Great first car for Clayton!
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            And Grandpa will be smiling for months because of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              WoW!!! Clayton what a great gift and know you will be proud to drive that car to school and elsewhere. I wish you the best with it and if you are really interested in pursuing a career in the automotive restoration field consider attending McPherson College in McPherson KS. It is the only school in the country where you can receive a four year degree in Auto Restoration. By the way there is a scholarship available to you through the Studebaker Foundation to assist you with the cost. Just ask your Granddad how to apply for it.
              sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past