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  • Studebakers running mile

    Just got around to seeing video on hotrod tv mile run in june at wilmington ,ohio. Shows 2 Studebakers running the mile. Only 25 miles from me, sorry I missed it, Their is another coming up soon, will try to get to that one. (neat to see, some went past 200mph)
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    There is more info on both Hooley's orange Stude and Chuck Venable's Stude over at Sonny's Racing Studebakers forum.....

    Hooley ran off the end of the track and tore the lower valence off the nose.

    Chuck Venable just went up to Maine and ran on their mile long track.
    He went over 200 mph....

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      There is a history of Studebakers running in ECTA events. I remember on meet at Maxton where there were 5 running at one meet. The Ohio track, by all reports, is incredibly fast. Hot Rod Magazine has given lots of support to the ECTA for a long time now. David Frieburger really heads up that support. He is a great guy, who not only is very good writier, but does much more than just stand on the sidelines, as you can see from this video.
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