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    One of my wife's relatives says this is a spectacular collection in Florida.

    She also said that it is up for auction and should be sold in early December by RM Auctions. Owner is John Staluppi, West Palm Beach.

    I'm posting it in Studebaker Specific due to the Studebaker/Packard/Pierce Arrow content and also the fact the pictures and cars are flat out gorgeous.

    Enjoy, Bob

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    If I remember correctly, the owner, John Staluppi was honored at one of last spring's Barrett-Jackson auctions for his contributions to various causes. When you read his auto-biographical information on his various sites, he explains that he was the son of a Brooklyn electrician that quit school and became a mechanic at 16 whose father helped become a Sunoco dealer. He then bought numerous other Sunoco stations and expanded into cars by becoming a Honda distributor when Honda in this country was in its infancy. Twenty years after quitting high school he owned about twenty Honda dealerships. He later got into yacht manufacturing and his yachts have broken speed records. The story of the American dream. Right?

    What you won't read in the top google entries, but you can find if you scroll down several pages, is that the FBI has identified him as a member of the Columbo organized crime family.

    According to an article in Cosa Nostra News:

    Staluppi -- yacht owner and James Bond aficionado -- was identified by the FBI as a member of the Colombo family back in the early 1990s. An informer told the Feds Staluppi switched sides during the Colombo war in 1992, which quite a few guys did after "almost-boss" Vic Orena, with whom Staluppi had been aligned, was arrested.


    The FBI has identified Staluppi and Rosatti -- multimillionaires who own auto dealerships in New York and Florida -- as members of the Colombo gang.... The two Bush supporters are prized Colombo family "earners" who helped finance an insurgent Colombo faction that once sought to dethrone imprisoned boss Carmine "The Snake" Persico... They later switched back to the Persico camp after a jailhouse heart-to-heart with their mob superior, one Dominick "Donny Shacks" Montemarano..."

    Google John Stalucci Organized Crime and you get a different picture.

    If I had the money, which I don't, I'm not sure how I'd feel about buying something from the guy.

    He's definitely an interesting guy. It would be pretty cool to be able to sit down with the guy and talk behind closed doors for an hour.
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    (What is it with me and discontinued/orphan cars?)


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      Posted by hausdok
      Google John Stalucci Organized Crime and you get a different picture.
      Mike, You have described the other side of the story perfectly.

      In fact, When Barb (She's from West Palm) told me about the cars and website this AM, the Mafia involvement was the first thing she talked about after telling me how nice a collection it was. He is still, according to sources, unable to obtain a dealer license in some localities.



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        And why-oh-why when you go to the home page, the rotating pages feature a write-up of the '57 Chevy, but show a '56?????
        (read it backwards)

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          Would take any of them ,but the 69 dart swinger and 35 Studebaker are favorites. I like Willys (owned a 33) ,but that sure doesn't look like a Willys to me in photo.
          Randy Wilkin
          1946 M5 Streetrod
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            There was some discussion about the collection a couple of years ago.

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              I have seen his collection. He opens the place to the public once a year as a charity event. I went last fall and can tell you he has a fantastic collection and a wide diversity of makes. The '58 Transtar Deluxe he has (for sale) as a original restore for $45,000 last I heard. It is not original. Eldilbrock valve covers, 4 barrel, and lots of chrome under the hood. The body itself was done to spec. including of course the infamous turquoise two tone paint. The truck is nice and was done well. The floormen at the event let me crawl around and under it as I was checking where things go. Only three Studes and mostly the rest were the common Fords, Cheys and MoPars that everyone collects.