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Still Stude enthusiasts out there with no knowledge of SDC.

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  • Still Stude enthusiasts out there with no knowledge of SDC.

    Popped in to "Midway Diner" for lunch and parked the 55 where it could be seen from inside. Two couples were seated near me. Everyone who came in went up to one of those gents (a regular, I guess) and asked if it was his Stude. Then he looked out the window and said, no that's a sports model. I have a 4 door. When I confessed it was my Stude, he was delighted to find another Stude owner. He has a 50 Champion four door and is having his fuel pump rebuilt. He had never heard of SDC or the Stude vendors. When I told him about International Drive Your Studebaker Day coming up next week-end, his eyes lit up and he said; "You mean there will be other Studes on the road, too?" He's had his car for over 20 years and had no idea SDC was out there. Wonder how many Stude enthusiasts have no idea of the resources available to them. That's our market. If there were a mailing list of Stude owners, I'm sure they would be delighted to receive an invite to SDC. Anyone with an idea how to reach these guys (and gals)?
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    i have a handful of Fred Fox's "The Studebaker Story" pamphlets that I tuck under my windshield wipers whenever I'm parked in a public location. People do take them.

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      Just gave a fella a TWs yesterday while he was busy looking my Studebakers over , he owns a '47 M series truck , lives in Sunridge , Ontario......he'll be a new member soon .......he promised <g>

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        Bob's got it right, There is no better way to get rid of your Turning Wheels, promote the SDC, and open the eyes of Studebaker owners that have no idea the SDC even exists. This reminds me to put a few old issues in my car before they get in the recycle box.

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          It's been a few years now, but I met a fella with a realy nice 55 Champion and didn't have a CLUE about SDC or anything else out there for Stude owners. He just liked his car and drove it to every old car meet and cruise he heard of.
          I DID "enlighten" him, but his response was that he wasn't interested in any clubs - just his old car.
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            Originally posted by Roscomacaw View Post
            I DID "enlighten" him, but his response was that he wasn't interested in any clubs - just his old car.
            And that's okay, too.


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              I meet a guy last weekend with a beautiful 55 Commander coupe, 1 family car, he was not a 'club guy' and won't join. The car gets driven and run once a month and never goes 'out' very far from home. Its a shame, this car is really nice.

              I told him about the next show, he said, naw, the last time we showed it, in the 1980's they picked it apart because of having 'aftermarket accesorys' I told him to bring it, it will probably be one of the only ones there. He said 'really?' and seemed excited about his car again. I left him some newsletters and show info. I hope he brings out next week.


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                Maybe we all need to make a supply of info sheets, in case we run into someone who has/had/wants/loves Studebakers, but isn't aware of SDC.


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                  I frequently run into people with Studebaker interests who know nothing about the SDC, let along local chapters. I try to get their contact info and forward them a newsletter either by email or USPS. As others have indicated, many of these folks really do not want to join a Studebaker club. Unfortunately many times it is because in the past Studebaker people have not been the kindest of folks to deal with. Too bad.
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                    There was a great local story...a guy inherited an old Lark.
                    One Sunday he drives by our chapter meeting place (a resturant) and puts 1 + 1 together.
                    New member, and know he has access to parts and advise.
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                      I had known about the club, but I let my membership lapse and lived as a non member for years until I went to a car show and saw a bunch of Studes there. It was a good reminder, and I (re)joined the club! One of the best things you can do to spread the word is to get behind the wheel and expose those Studes to daylight.

                      I have a LOT of short "stoplight" converstaions with folks while in my lark. I almost always end with telling them to go home and "Google Studebaker". If they do that, the first three links they have are to the Wikipedia entry on Studebaker, the SNM, and then the Drivers Club. When you only have a few seconds, shouting "Google Studebaker" works great!
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