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    Maybe someone's already brought this up, but I couldn't find any mention of it. Smith's (is it his?) modern Studebaker design is really nice, even though it reminds me of similar cars I've seen pictures of. Still the artwork is fantastic.
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    Thanks for posting, Scott. I had not seen this.
    Given the resources, opportunity and choice, I would prefer this over all the currently butt-ugly Lambos and Masers.
    Still...perhaps not the preferred "take the kids to the soccer game" model.

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      That is artwork. It makes the retro cars I have seen look like road kill. It needs a longer hood though. WOW!


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        Nice work. The car looks modern, but the Studebaker heritage shows in the details.
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          Originally posted by (S) View Post
          That is artwork. It makes the retro cars I have seen look like road kill. It needs a longer hood though. WOW!
          I'm not so sure about the need for a longer hood. A transverse mounted updated aluminum 289 V8 front wheel drive...awesome!
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            Looks like a cross between a Porsche and an NSX.
            That's not a good thing in my opinion.
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              The description on Mr. Smith's site says it's a mid-engine so making the hood longer is going to really make it look odd.

              I like it. Now, if a Mr. Buffet or a Mr. Gates or some other very flush individual would just be willing to drop some pocket change to buy back the Studebaker name and then dropped a few billion more to reconstitute the brand in a new American factory with input from Stude buffs like yourselves, maybe the marque could live again. Mr. Smith's design could be a Hawk VX. It would be interesting to see what he could come up with for a two and four door sedan and for a coupe.

              You know, they have virtual communities doing all sorts of stuff on the net. It's a whole lot more doable and cheaper than re-starting a car company. What if a virtual Studebaker manufacturing concern could be created with SDC members participating in the conceptualizing and design and virtual production of a modern virtual Studebaker? There's probably a programmer out there somewhere who can build it for you. I bet hanging out on a site like that and being part of a virtual auto manufacturing firm would be at least as interesting and productive as playing poker and video games on the net - at least for Stude guys and gals. Remember how addicted everyone got to those Studebaker jigsaw puzzles last year? You know that you guys would be hooked in ten seconds.
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                I say it needs LSD RWD, center-point kingpin steering, and a Hill-Holder. Appears to already have flo-thru ventilation.
                What other genuine Stude features would a prototype need to qualify? Care to specify which rust spots you want to save?


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                  Mike's idea is brilliant! AND virtual Studebakers could be used to fuel interest in the club.
                  " the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups" - Nietzsche.