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    As the great JDP once said, there's nothing so expensive as a too-cheap Avanti. BTDTNA. This example has many strengths.

    I've been over and under the car and found mostly the good and very little bad. It could easily be a genuine 12,000 mile car. The hog troughs, interior and chrome are very good. The AC appears to have been a professional installation. The plus of a 259" which runs strong on regular gas as opposed to an R1 which pings on premium in hot weather or an R2 which won't have AC. As previously mentioned, the oxblood interior and tilt wheel are rare options.

    Downside - The repaint is definitely a 10-footer.

    Bottom line, an excellent driver which could be made into a local show car with a repaint. Your results may vary. No warranties expressed or implied.

    jack vines


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      I wonder how many oxblood interiors were produced. Years ago I had a Black 64 R1 with a red and fawn interior. The oxblood is much more stunning than the red and fawn. Overall its a good looking car, but the price, IMHO, with some body work, paint job needed and restoring to an R2, is at least 5K too high as about 20 K will be needed to bring it back to a great looking R2.


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        i like it but the 12000 is too much for me wanted a AVANTi a long time


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          i could buy it for 8-9000


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            Justjoe made the move to Portland:


            Mark L


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              The car does show well in the pictures. The oxblood interior is sharp.


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                It looks pretty good to me. If I wanted an Avanti, and bought it (never mind the price) I would never restore it. Too nice. I'd drive it and maintain it and have fun. If I came upon the parts necessary to make it as it was originally I would buy them and have them in case I changed my mind or when selling the next owner wanted to make it as original as possible. Of course it would never be completely original without a matching number motor, but having all the original style parts would be a plus.

                My main point is to just drive it and have fun with it.

                You have to make up your own mind what it is worth if you are considering it.
                Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.


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                  This Avanti should be STRONGLY considered by anyone interested in purchasing one. Definitely not a 'run of the mill' car. And if someone really wants to bring the R2 back 'down the road' that's okay too!


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                    This is the same car I was writing about awhile back. My suggestion at the time was to keep the 259 and mount a blower on it (since the engine seems to be good, why go to that much effort) and just enjoy the hell out of it. What, at the time, I refered to as an R1.5.

                    Since the a/c needs a recharge, short term I would buy a newer Sanden pump and mount it over on the left side for now in prep for the blower (later) while moving the battery to the trunk. Once all the parts are gathered to do the job properly, then add the blower later on.

                    A word of warning, I have never owned a Stude, I am just throwing in my two cents. My current presense on this board is to learn about these cars before I leap in. Kinda like making sure there is water in the if we weren't looking at adding a 3rd college tuition next fall, I think I would make an offer on this car. Just not 5 figures.

                    Then again, I did toss in a bid for the aluminum intake manifold...

                    To each and all of you and your families, may you have a Merry Christmas and a safe, successfull and happy New Year!