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    Getting ready to go to town this morning in the 49 truck. Walked up to get my wife's paper and happen to look at the tag it was due Aug. 2010. Here I have been driving it all over the country. I even drove it to Springfield to the IM and had a wreck on the way home. The Springfield cop who came to the accident never said anything about. I guess with 4 Studebakers a 65 Mustang a Jeep and a Dodge truck to buy tags for I guess it's time I missed one. It is going to cost me a little over $100 to get back in action.
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    Render up to Caesar what is Caesar's. lol I've done the same thing. Try forgetting a truck with weight plates that run $968 for a couple of years. That was a hit.
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      We come to seize your berry, not to praise it. You made it through two years without paying a pound of flesh. Good for you. Karma (and Caesar) owes you one.
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        Here you pay a fine of $25.00 and you have to pay the back taxes. They are also kind? enough to send you a notice a month before it is due.
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          They send out notices here also but sometime they don't send them and I was one of them.


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            I almost never let a registration lapse or miss a tax payment. The problem I have is living at the speed of life. Too often, I get overwhelmed with other events and get behind on keeping up with my "play things." Often, I will get the new registration and tag renewal sticker and decide to "wait 'till it's needed" to put it on. know what that leads to.

            My wife, (the adult around here) will organize my clutter, and before you know new registration and tag sticker gets buried in a stack of old Harbor Freight sales ads, Northern Tool ads, Turning Wheel issues, and other various debris from all those other "mailing lists" I have swerved into over the years. That has led to being at car shows and having someone come to me and point out that my tag expired six months ago.

            Then comes the great treasure hunt, as I have to first find the correct room, then drawer or stack of stuff to look through in an attempt to find the sticker. One year, due to a heavy work load and attending to family members with health problems, I not only had to search for the tag stickers, but buy three new batteries at once. That was a rough year.

            The truth is, that when you look at the "big picture"...having stuff like this to neglect...and then being able to turn your attention back to it...means we are very blessed. I have literally been in places on this earth where folks had no shoes for their feet, no clean garments, and very little food. I have been where no one felt safe enough to sleep well, falling asleep and wakening in fear.

            Too many tags, indeed! A great complaint to have...we should all be so fortunate.
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              I knew I had license plate tabs due on 3 vehicles in April of this year.
              Had stack of notices from the state so I grabbed the three envelopes that were open,gave them to the wife and sent her down to get tabs.
              Which she did to the tune of around $105.00.
              Went to apply the stickers and at that time realized they were for 3 cars I had parted out;(
              Raced down to the DMV and was informed the State of Minnesota does not give refunds or credit toward the correct tabs.
              Bought the correct tabs and will in the future toss out the notices not needed.
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                Miss having the correct tabs on the license plate here in Washington and you won't forget it twice. If caught driving without current tabs displayed, fine is a mandatory $125, plus back fees. Doesn't matter if you've paid on time and have the tabs in your shirt pocket and it's a ten-below blizzard, if they aren't on the plate, you get fined.

                jack vines


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                  Miss that here and you are in serious trouble. The sticker on our licence plates is also our insurance. Get caught - well let's just say you don't want to get caught. Have an accident with an expired sticker and you're paying the hospital bills of anyone that was injured along with a possible jail term.

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                    Glad I live in Idaho.


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                      I will pipe in from the "Zone"....... While our MVD sends out the notices, about 45 day early, under "Zone" law, technically, they are only if they get lost and never delivered, by the PO, it is not their issue. In their minds, it is up to the owners to remember when their license fees need to be paid. If not, tough cookies and anything paid after the due date, pays an extra % to Caesar.


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                        In PA you can have the correct current tab on the plate but if you haven't signed the card that goes with it you get fined.
                        Managing a fleet of twenty-four trucks, this is constantly front and center for me and I never miss a beat.
                        On my own vehicles however, I don't know when my LOF and service is due. Fortunately I have only one that needs annual registration and inspection and that's the S-10. All three Studes have antique plates; registered once years ago and no inspection required.
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                          Antique Tags in Tennesse...... Buy it once and good for life....