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Chestnut vinyl bench seat for '63 Daytona Ragtop

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  • Chestnut vinyl bench seat for '63 Daytona Ragtop

    Howdy! I have resolved to drive my '63 Rose Mist Daytona convertible a bit more often. I have been away from Stude forums for about 10 years, as my daughter has grown into an 8th grader!

    2 things need to be taken care of, after a very nice 40 mile cruise yesterday.

    (1) Dripping freeze plug. I plan to use the ones from which can be expanded by turning the attached nut

    (2) The original front Chestnut bench seat has some big rips in it. I believe Southern Studebaker can help me. Is there anyplace else who can do a "pretty good" match to the original? I plan to leave the back seat as-is, with the original Lark emblem in the center.

    '63 Convertible with 68K miles
    All original except the paint and top (and soon, the upholstery!)
    Bought new by my grandfather, and passed to me in 1996.

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    Try SMS Auto Fabrics they claim to be able to supply all US cars between 1930 and 2000.

    Use the link below as they offer samples, else you could snip a nice sample from under the seat and send to them for matching.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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      Welcome to the Forum! You might also want to drop a line to Starlight Studebaker. They have the complete stock of NOS seat coves and door panels from SASCO - perhaps they have one in stock for your ride! .
      Clark in San Diego
      '63 Standard (F2) "Barney"


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        Thanks for the replies! I sent notes to both of those companies yesterday. (I dug into the old Forum messages before I posted my question, and also asked my local friend, RadioRoy.) I guess I was hoping for an easy off-the-shelf piece of upholstery, but I guess there's not enough demand for any given color and style. Let's see what they come back with!


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          I tried the softplugs with the expansion nut and they were not as easy to put in as you might hope. At least with the engine still in the car. I ended up using one with the rubber center and the expansion nut. Not sure if they are really good but it has stayed in and leak free for 5 years now.