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  • brake booster

    The 64 wagoneer is running. now it's onto the brakes. the booster is all rusty on the bottom, i think for safety reasons I should get a new one. where would I find one? the car is a 289 with a single brake line.

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    I bought a booster for my 63 Wagonaire from Auto Zone. it is for a 73 Dodge swinger. I had to use 4 1/4 inch spacers between the booster and the bracket. It works great.



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      If you are not concerned with originality, I used a booster and brackets from a mid 80's AMC Eagle wagon, it was a perfect bolt on fit, but the booster looks a little different. It was $20.00 at pick-n-pull.
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        You do need to pay attention to whether or not these "replacement" units come from Drum or Disk Cars.

        I see that Boehm's car most likely is a Power Disk Brake car since it has a single line, so he would NOT want a low pressure Drum Brake Booster.

        Brakes are not something you guess at, all the components of the entire systems are engineered to work together, so mixing them is never a good idea unless you are very sure what you are doing.
        Some have risidual valves of various LB restrictions, some are designed to use with an equilizer Valve etc.
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          i'm not a "caso" when it comes to safety, but i think i'd wire brush the rust off and see how it looked. if it had cancer (holes) or very close to it, i'd replace. if it was just surface rust, i'd prepare and use por-15, eastwood's rust encapsulator products, or similar. then paint with the proper color (and sheen) for original look.

          does it have the dual brake fluid reservoir? i'd certainly think about replacing that if it doesn't, for safety sakes.
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            Google Booster Dewey, In Portland Oregon. Quick, reasonable, and guaranteed to be right.
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              Thanks again for all the info. I called Dewey in Portland, and will send mine out to him. Should have it back in about 2/3 weeks. All most ready for the road.