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  • optimistic prewar President rodder

    Wouldn't it be nice to buy a good, original prewar President, blow it apart to build it into a rod, and sell the removed parts in a single package deal for enough to finance a large segment of the project?!? Did this seller even pay that much for the whole car? I will spare the forum my opinion of someone who would take a good original, rare car and rod it. This lot will have to be slowly pieced out to get even a third of the asking price, I am afraid.
    I bought everything removed from a good '39 Commander that was rodded for a very small fraction of what this reality-impaired seller thinks he will get. (under $200.00 on ebay, and that was when the economy was still intact) I am always getting calls from people with good flat head engines & even 289's, who have built rods out of good original cars & want to unload their old iron. Some think it is extremely valuable, and others just want it hauled away..These deals are everywhere, unfortunately. I also see several cases every year in which someone has rodded a 4 dr Studebaker at a cost of 20-30K, and can not understand why buyers are not lining up to give him enough to recoup his entire investment..Hope springs eternal...
    Barry'd in Studes

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    Yeah, he does seem way high. Mind you, it is the last version of the President 8 engine, and there is a radio. These parts would be a gold mine for somebody restoring a gutted-out Coupe Express, Commander, or President, I guess. Which means a very tiny market. If he was close to me, I'd offer him a thousand bucks for the whole lot, and hope I could recoup my investment in 5 years.
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      Looks like that car had been in very good shape before it was "resto" rodded. Wow. Some people eat snails, others walk on them.
      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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        BTW, The radio is a 47 to 49 model.


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          Few of the parts would go on a coupe exp, and there are so few '42's around that the parts have a very small audience. At a grand, they would be a good investment for someone with time & empty storage space. There are so many cars out there that have all of their running gear, but lack sheetmetal. Back in the day, car bodies were stripped clean in the bone yards & the solid shells were crushed, but today a solid shell & sheet metal to put on them are scarce, and used engines, rear ends, & transmissions are plentiful. I have far more engines than I have fenders, hoods, doors, trunks & solid shells in my collection.
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            He probably called that Studebaker vendor in Houston to price out his items.

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              Most of that stuff looks to be in very good condition and if the engine was rebuilt in the recent past the parts individually would bring a fair amount, but I think he will be disappointed at the offers. Selling the whole lot is quicker, but not a good way to get the best return.

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                WOW!...Sign 'em up!

                Surely...anybody with a grasp on reality that leads him to value Studebaker parts that much...has all the qualifications to be "one of us!"
                John Clary
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                  I live in Florida and am afraid I'd not offer him $500.00 for the stuff. From where I live, going and getting it would cost $288.00 in fuel and a full day spent doing it. At $40.00 per hour closing the shop and forgoing work for a full day would net an additional loss of at least $400.00. With the economy the way it is, I can't see how to justify buying the stuff and storing it for who knows how long. I don't see anybody kicking the door down trying to find straight 8 parts, and even if they were, nobody is going to want to pay high prices for the stuff anyway. Sad, but what are you gona do?