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57 Broadmoor in Mora, Minnesota

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  • 57 Broadmoor in Mora, Minnesota
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    I dont recall having ever seen this car around. Perhaps it was bought new in Mora at Akkerman Motors (once a Studebaker & International Harvestor dealership, now a used car dealership and repair shop with a General Motors dealership directly across the road). I might e-mail the guy and let him know about the Studebaker car show coming up at Hugo MN, as he could haul it there and put a For Sale sign in the window and be amongst Studebaker folks.
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      It looks too nice to be an original Minnesota car.
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        It does look like something good to start with.
        I particularly like it because it is the same two colors as my first Studebaker - a 1957 President Classic.
        I was surprised to see that it has hub caps and not wheelcovers. Only the 1957 President Classic had wheelcovers as standard equipment (of 1957 sedans/wagons).
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          I E-mailed the owner two days ago and informed him of the upcoming Studebaker show in the area on Labor Day. Today I received a response stating that the car has been sold. Anyone here buy the wagon?
          In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.