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Studebakers at H.A.M.B Drags Joplin MO

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  • Studebakers at H.A.M.B Drags Joplin MO

    Here are a few pictures of Studebaker cars and trucks that was at Joplin MO. Hope I got all of them. There was a '55 2 door sedan, altered wheel base, with a Buick motor. There was an M series 1 ton truck, just driving it around, it appeared to be original. There was a '52 R series pickup that was being pulled around. They are planning on making it into a gasser style pickup. There was also a T cab pickup, the bed had been shortened and narrowed. But I do not remember what power plant they used. I'm sure there were more that we did not see. Dusty
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    Dusty Taylor

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    That Champ makes a good looking gasser truck.
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      Thanks for the pictures. That Gasser Style Champ is really cool. Are you sure the '55 is (was) a four door and not a two door sedan? I would love to see more about that car.
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        Really like that Champ pickup. A bit different from what you usually see. I was looking forward to the pictures after we talked to you at the Ozark Empire swap meet Saturday.
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