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    This is cool. A 29 Ford roadster with Stude power!
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    Working on old cars separates the men from the golfers.

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    Thanks for posting photos of the cool A. Lets hope that no automotive 'authority' such as HOT ROD mag reports those carbs as 'side drafts', as they recently made that mistake in the mag, or was it HR Deluxe? Seems that more folks are discovering the good look of the unique carbs in a dual setup nestled on top of Stude engines in rods. The Stude v8 is a good looking and different engine that adapts well to rods without hoods....they enhance the overall look, especially with the four hole aluminum valve covers such as this car. Just thinkin' out loud again, Junior.
    1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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      Thats a 232 with some oversize (R1) flat top pistons and late heads. I remember that one! I gathered the parts to build it..... I never did get a ride in it...........

      It did run very well.