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Charleston Champs....Studebakers, that is.

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  • Charleston Champs....Studebakers, that is.

    'Been out of town this week vacationing in Charleston SC. Cari and I were visiting son Joe and daughter-in-law Melissa, checking out Joe's new culinary assignment as Executive Chef at High Cotton in Charleston's famous historic district. This entire building is High Cotton, all the way to the corner. The awning only covers about half the front:

    Joe is really enjoying his new position. He was able to come out and say "hi" while we were dining with our daughter-in-law at High Cotton Thursday evening, August 16:

    While in town, I wanted to be sure to look up famous SDC Forum Member Bob Bruner and check out his 1963 Champ that had been in the serious accident several months ago. It has since been nicely repaired.

    If you remember, we had quite a discussion of Bob's "adventure" here on the forum. The NOS right bedside from Studebaker International has been installed on Bob's Parchment White Champ and it is back in service:

    Bob picked me up for lunch Thursday, August 16. We went to lunch at a unique eatery known as Hubee-D's south of Charleston on U.S. 17. The owner of Hubee-D's uses the red 1963 Champ to promote the business. Bob Bruner owned the red Champ at one time, when it was white:

    Again if you remember, Bob Bruner is in the construction trades in historic Charleston. He happened to know the architect working on this new, "one-off" restaurant. The restaurant's owner became enamored with Bob's first truck and decided to buy it and adopt it as a centerpiece for his new eatery.

    It was running and driving (289/overdrive) when he bought it, but Bob reports it has been sitting here unoperated for a year or two; not good. Still, it looks good and is cute, right on the corner of the parking lot to atttract attention.

    Inside the restaurant, one entire wall has been painted with a huge mural depicting the red Champ in a rural setting. (Most of the distortion is in the mural, not the photography):

    A cute theme, and well-received, we understand.

    It was good to finally meet Bob Bruner and be taken on a guided tour of Charleston's Historic District for "the rest of the story." Here's Bob on the right, beside his 1963 Champ 259 V8 with Flightomatic. We drove it to lunch and it's a good runner!

    Thanks again for lunch, tour, and local color information, Bob. Much appreciated, as are your efforts getting The Studebaker Truck name out and about historic Charleston, South Carolina. BP
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    Interesting story! Thanks for posting. I would think High Cotton would be a great name for a restaurant in that setting. Nice Champs!
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      It was great to meet you too, Bob. I hope I didn't talk your ear off. Thanks again for your expert advice on the Champ. I will attend to the oil line as soon as I meet my deadline on the current project. (Friday) Have to pick up more tile & light fixtures Sunday at Lowe's. I'm much more careful at that intersection now!


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        happy the champ is up & running - and who else to get expert advice from than Mr. Palma!!!

        as a retired cop & probation officer, curious if the "defendants" have had their day in criminal court yet, and the verdict.

        also, Mr B, you may want to contact the owner of the red champ to get it running again. it would make a great "rolling advertisement" for his business in parades, etc. in the Charleston area. (not to mention another Studebaker on the road).
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          In my last court appearance the "driver" requested a jury trial. He denies that he was behind the wheel. He claims that it was his boss driving the Navigator but his girlfriend is the owner. They did leave the scene, drove to Lowe's parking lot & switched, then returned. He was jailed on a child support warrant after both went to the hospital. Her insurance co. has offered me $1400 to settle. It feels more like $14.00!
          The red Champ owner did tell me he wanted to put his truck in the Christmas parade, but Bob can attest to its current state. Ignition out, no brake pedal resistance, etc. The employee that escorted Bob Palma & me to see under the hood stated that he wanted to drive the truck for deliveries but insurance liability blah, blah prevented it. It really is a shame. It has a rebuilt 4 bbl carb & GM diaphragm clutch. Someday I hope to see it back on the road.


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            The Mural is not Studebakers best look with one eye bugging out. LOL
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