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Anybody know a good source for window channel fuzz strips?

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  • Anybody know a good source for window channel fuzz strips?

    I am in need of some window channel, particularly the dual-track channel as used in the sliding windows in the back of Champ truck cabs and in the older station wagons. My '48 Crosley is in need of some, too.

    Couldn't find it on Studebaker International's site, although I'm pretty sure they sell it. Anybody know a CASO source for the stuff? I expect to need rather a lot of it.
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    SI has everything you need for the Champ to include the track for the slider. You can buy a complete kit that has all the rubber seals, window wiskers, spider window seals etc.



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      Our own KurtruK lives and breathes glass and associated fitments. He'd probably already answered if he wasn't out delivering to his clients on the west coast.
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        There is also a post/discussion on this subject in the tech forum. Below is my post to the same issue:

        Last time I had to do this job I bought some narrow Velcro (hook and loop) and used the loop (non-hook) portion with the sticky backing to press into the channels that I had cleaned of previous moleskin residue (it was pretty rotten at that point). The Velcro is sturdy, the right height, self adhering, glass slides by easily and it is plastic so it never retains moisture. Worked like a charm...Bob


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          For the Champ
          SI catalog: Rear Glass Seal Kit P/N 1655549X1
          Entire Rubber/seal kit P/N 801121R