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What do you think, first classic car! New better pics pg.2

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  • What do you think, first classic car! New better pics pg.2

    Let me introduce myself, names Doug, and I just discovered have an impulse buying problem.

    My wife and I live in Reno, and she wanted to go do some events for hot August nights, so we went to the auction. There were lots of baby birds, and early Mustangs, but only one Studebaker.

    And what an absolutely gorgeous car this is! Unrestored, 100% original, and almost no blemishes. It has 90,000 original miles. It turns out it's a rather rare white, with gold, and red trim and interior. The red leather interior matches the paint perfectly. It is original without blemish.

    I just couldn't help myself, my bride and I discussed it, decided to bid, and won the car!

    The engine seems real fresh, and the car runs and sounds great! About the only thing that it needs is a tachometer sending unit. I hope to find one of these soon. The old one was in a box in the trunk, and the distributor has a spacer in its place. In the meantime I checked all the fluids, brakes, oil levels, any places for obvious wear ,and can't find any. If any of you know anything else I should check on his car please let me know.

    So what you all think? Did I you do good?
    Oh, and by the way if any of you know this car, let me know, I'd be real interested in the history of it. The seller was a nice gentleman from Vacaville.

    I really look forward to participating in some of the discussions here, and of course I got a few questions. My wife and I have already joined SDC, and the local chapter. We do plan on attending as many meets as we have time for, and hopefully will be able to meet some of you down the road.

    I'll attach some pictures for you to feast on, that were taken at the auction.

    Sorry for the long first post, I guess I'm just all excited.

    Thanks, and happy motoring, Studebaker style!

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    Could you post us some pictures of the interior? Is anybody else thinking GH 400?


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      I forgot to put in, that it is a 1957 Golden Hawk. And I'll post up pictures of the interior, as soon as I get out to to the shop with a camera a little later.



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        Welcome and enjoy you new ride..Looks great to me...


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          Welcome. Lovely and iconic car. More valuable because it makes you a Studebaker Driver! They love to be driven.
          Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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            Is anybody else thinking GH 400?

            Didn't the 400's have a leather arm rest outside the window? That is one stunning Hawk.


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              The famous outside armrests were a Packard Hawk item, but the GH 400 interiors were leather, yes...whichever variant Doug's new ride is it's a beauty!

              (And Doug, it looks like you don't have an impulse buying problem at all; rather it seems you're fairly good at it...)

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                Welcome and very nice first Stude!


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                  Wow... either that's a 400, or someone has taken the trouble to simulate a 400 (which is entirely possible). Either way, what a stunner, and welcome to the Club and the Forum!
                  Clark in San Diego
                  '63 Standard (F2) "Barney"


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                    Simulated '57 Golden Hawk 400?

                    That IS a very beautiful '57 Golden Hawk, absolutely no doubt.
                    However I would have to see the car to be sure if that is original paint, because it certainly does not appear to be. also the interior is most likely re-done because it is Red and Leather.

                    Most Stude. unknowing sellers commonly upsell their cars THINKING they might be correct, but usually are not.

                    But please understand that these are my very Stude. educated OPINIONS and would have to be verified.
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                    Second Generation Stude Driver,
                    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                      Yeah, what's needed is the serial number and body tub number.
                      Clark in San Diego
                      '63 Standard (F2) "Barney"


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                        That was Richard Dawson's car. (not the late actor, but you can always do a "Costanza" and tell people you bought the car from Richard Dawson) He's a very nice gentleman who also owns a Kaiser. I've been trying to recruit him into the SDC for years. Last time I saw the for sale sign on his car he was asking an awful lot for that car. I hope you didn't pay too much for it. I know Richard casually but don't claim to know any inside scoop on the car.

                        At any rate, it's a nice looking car and I hope you have fun with it. Join the SDC and a local club. If you ever want to come down the hill to one of our Karel Staple events, you are always welcome. Check out our calendar of events at
                        Jon Stalnaker
                        Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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                          I figured with that CA prestige tag, someone would recognize it. Did you do good? You haven't indicated what your impulsive habits cost you in this instance.

                          Is the supercharger there and functioning?
                          No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                            Nothing like starting in at the top. The 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk is considered one of the most desirable post-war Studes. Yours appears to be exceptions. Congrats and welcome.

                            BTW, what's with the red side grilles and hood scoop grilles?

                            jack vines


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                              Hey, we have a winner!

                              Yes this was Richard's car, he told me at the auction that he had bought it at the same hot August nights auction five years ago. And no I didn't pay too much, the bidding went up to 25K, and he dropped the reserve.

                              I will attach a picture of the body number, I think it's the one on the firewall, I'm not sure. Also, I've attached pictures of the interior, I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but all I had was my cell phone.

                              I've already had two appraisers, that looked at this and were able tell me that the paint, and interior are original to the car. The motor is complete, and yes the supercharger works!

                              I never went into the auction thinking I was going to buy a car, but yes Steve T, I think I did pretty good on this one!

                              By the way t the motor is complete he Vin number is 610-0669, and the body number is 57H-K7 614. I hope this helps.

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