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1955 SPEEDSTER engine change-out

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  • 1955 SPEEDSTER engine change-out

    Not long ago someone posted questions about engine options for the 1955 Speedster. I owned a '55 Speedster and when the engine wore out I dropped in a '63 Corvette small block engine (originally a 327 c.i.d.) that cranked out well over 400 h.p. The thing to note here was that the 'Vette engine fit so smoothly that it didn't even require changing the engine mounts. The "Vette 4-speed, coupled with the original Studebaker rear end (rock solid and "bullet-proof) was an amazing combination and lightning fast. Wish I still had it. ad to sell it because my wife (at that time) kept getting tickets in it. Oh, well.

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    To Ken Simmons,-----With the good looks of the '53-'55 Studebaker Coupes and Hardtops, and with the lightness and power potential of the small block Chevy, it isn't hard to understand why combos such
    as the one You owned were referred to as "Poor Mans Corvettes". (You wouldn't still have the serial/body numbers from that Speedster would You?