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  • Golden Hawk body tag

    Bob P., we have finally scratched out the body tag I took off my old Golden Hawk. Reference the thread we were on a while back about GH's . The hood is on a Sky Hawk we had for several years, the two doors with power windows went to a fellow in Huntsville that last I heard was now in Mississippi, another Al. gent bought the supercharger and related parts, another in Al. was given the body. Hope this pic comes thru, John
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    Great, John; thanks for finding and posting it.

    Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, since it was parted out!), it was not Ted Harbit's Midnight Black / Arctic White Golden Hawk 400. In fact, 2763 is too low to be any of the 41 production 400s.

    We didn't record the Body Numbers (although we do have the Serial Numbers) of the first 10 pre-production 400 Show Cars, but that tag would not have been from any of them, either. That's because the tag appears to have always been black, but all ten show cars were the same Tiara Gold / Artic White combination.

    Thanks for staying in touch on that nonetheless. BP
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      Now this may sound silly, but WHEW !, I'm glad it was neither Ted's or a 400, ha ! I don't feel so bad about my actions now. It was a fairly rough old car, and I really needed the hood for my otherwise pretty nice Sky Hawk, plus the front fender I traded the G.H. doors for. Thanks for your reply and the info- - - -by the way, I'll never do that again without checking with you guys 1st !! ha !