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  • Sighted recently (PIX)

    Local collection I've posted from before; owner is moving out of the area and as he prepares to disperse his collection, a few previously unseen items turned up...a friend of mine was considering a '61 Lark here but it turns out to be way too "manky"...

    Late 20s Commander (?) sedan, Walkerville-built, pretty complete but exceptionally rusty

    Remains of ca.55-56 Packard

    1951 Commander 4dr, easily the nicest car on site

    The 20s sedan heads a line of some of the other S-P vehicles

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    I'd be interested to know what he wants for the '53 & '57 Packards. That '57 Clipper looks very nice.



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      I'm curious about that too...unfortunately the gent has moved, so the phone number I had for him is no longer correct...he apparently has a cel but I haven't got that number. The owner did not frequently sell cars, but he did sell a '56 GH for parts (which will actually become a project car in its own right) and a '56 Packard 4dr about a year ago; evidently he hasn't space for a bunch of cars at his new place, though, so presumably all, or nearly all, of the cars will now be moving on.

      The '57 Clipper is not as nice as that pic makes it look, but it's still in decent nick and its 289 runs. I had thought it was the best car there condition-wise until I saw the '51 Commander, which is very nice...why the fellow wasn't taking it to cruises is a mystery to me.