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Got a set of NOS taillight assemblies for a staition wagon.

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  • Got a set of NOS taillight assemblies for a staition wagon.

    When i went to the internaitional resently i purchased a set of NOS taillight assemblies for a (60'LARK) big mistake looked up the part numbers and they will fit a 61-62 era staition wagon.NO pitted chrome or cracked lens if you would like to purchase them get in touch.

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    Are they backup lamps or tail lamps? I don't think the tail lamps in those years had any pittable chrome. Could they perhaps be for a '63 through '66?


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      The '62 Wagon ONLY Tail Light Housings are huge ROUND tapered chrome housings, that are more on the side than on the rear of the car. I don't think you could mistake them for the more oval wraparound '59 to '60 and '61 type.

      What Studebaker Part Number do you have printed on the NOS box?
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        The light assemblys Josh bought were Back up lights. The vender had 2 different sets. He said 1 fit a wagon. The other he thought was for a sedan. turns out it's for a wagon too. #ac-2957
        They were not in a box but they look like the ones the SI catalog.
        Ther is a #cast into the housing 102621 RH and 102620 LH
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        Neil Thornton


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          Mr Thornton,if they are for a 63 wagon and are not spoken for I am interested Thanks!


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            As near as I can tell they are for the early wagons.
            Neil Thornton