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  • And the passion grows...

    So, a lot of you know I am busily working on a 40 commandr, which, by the way, when the antique plate comes in, I will be able to drive. I finished up the carb and rebuilt the steering wheel and horn system. I am quickly finding myself at the point where driving the car legally and regularly is becoming a reality. I will no longer be limited to quick drives around the neighborhood.

    Now, I love my cars, don't get me wrong, but a few of you have heard me tell of my favorite being the 36 Dictator.... well, there is an auto shop down the road (a body shop actually) and the guy just bought a 37 Dictator.... I am in love.... it is in need of some serious loving to tell the truth, but it is solid as can be.

    I haven't spoken to the new owner yet, as every time I stop in, he is out. I want to see how he feels about making a deal for it! The only issue, aside from the regular... needs repainted and a new interior is that the engine is siezed up... well, I have all of the engine parts it will need....

    I could never buy it, even if it were for sale unless I sold my other ones... with a baby on the way, my wife would not be too happy with me. Family first...

    No matter how it turns out though.... I'll ge to see it restored... the guy, from what I know is a master crafter both mechanical and body wise.

    Time to talk to him seriously! I plan to go by and take pics and get the story tonight on my way home from work. Win or lose, I'll get to learn more about this beautiful, beautiful car!

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    OHH !
    You are one sick son of a gun !
    Welcome to the club !
    Western Pa ?
    I'm from outside Coraopolis. Carnot actually.
    South Lompoc Studebaker


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      Go PIRATES !

      Zoltan rules !
      Bill H
      Daytona Beach
      SDC member since 1970
      Owner of The Skeeter Hawk .


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        Been around for a while, almost 2 years now.. ok, thats not long.
        My passion started when I was young... I wanted a 50 bullet nose...
        It eventually came to fruition many years later (2.5 years ago) when I bought a 49 and 40 from my wife's brother....
        It then grew to buying 2 more 40's form a SDC member...
        I now have one on the road... (alomst... waiting for my plate)... and all it needs now is paint and interrior.

        I am supposed to join the Pittsburgh chapter as it is the closest to me... I am near Meadville PA.

        I spoke to the owner of the Dictator and after looking online, I am not convinced it is a 37.. I think it is a 36. Anyway... I am currently negotiating for it.


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          Hey, I understand the "passion" thing...have you noticed folks turning and walking away as you approach them? Have you seen eyes roll even before you open your mouth? Have you noticed eyes glaze over as you are revealing the rich legacy of Studebaker and the important role they played in our history?
          If have a way to go.

          About the Dictator, what body style, get the plate numbers and I am sure some of the pre-war gurus here will enlighten us.
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

          SDC member since 1975


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            Will do.... and to think, this car was a one family car until this guy bought it. One thing for sure... on body style. It is 4 door and has the sleek rear end, almost flush with the back, no trunk "bubble"... And, if memory is right, the rear wheel fenders are not "swept back", but rather rounded liek th efront.