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    Originally posted by 56H-Y6 View Post

    Excellent Idea! AACA has two classes which encourage show participation for owners of driver type collector cars. One is DPC, Driver Participation Class, daily driver of all 25 years and older. The other is HPOF class, Historic Preservation of Original Features which encourages preservation of those survivors that have 60% of the original finish, upholstery, chrome etc.

    Maybe name the class "Life's Hard Knocks Survivors". For Meets, hold an afternoon potluck picnic get-together for fun with no judging, enjoy a nice, relaxed time. There is plenty of time devoted to the wonderfully restored cars which we all enjoy already. Sometimes the show day becomes too uniform year to year as the same restored cars appear and little else new. Nice as they are to see annually, the variety would spice things up a bit.

    Anything that encourages greater participation by all members, especially if it attracts younger people needs to be aggressively pursued.

    I like your ideas there and I think we could even expand on this a little. At meets the "beaterbakers" would have their own area. Since it's hard to judge these road warrior type cars, I agree that there should be no judgine for authenticity. However, I have learned from racing that just about everybody likes to win something. No six foot high trophy, but I think we could have stuff like what (S) listed above. We can have a longest distance traveled award, most original car, peoples choice, hard luck, etc. I think this could really be a lot of fun, and most importantly get more people involved and try to get cars that wouldn't otherwise be there to show up.
    Chris Dresbach


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      Originally posted by Chris_Dresbach View Post
      I agree that there should be no judging for authenticity.
      Just the opposite on my end, Chris. My "unbegun" example had not a single authenticity point deducted when judged at Lancaster by none other than Rick Peterson, a legend in my own mind.
      Brad Johnson,
      SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
      Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
      '33 Rockne 10, '51 Commander Starlight. '53 Commander Starlight
      '56 Sky Hawk in process


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        Originally posted by rockne10 View Post
        Maybe "Best Unbegun"?
        Originally Posted by fastfritz
        For "Best Unfinished" you would first need to have STARTED something! I like the "Best Driver" category.

        I like that...
        How about an "Well, It Made It Here.." award
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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          I really think this is a great idea. Run What Ya Brung, or Have sounds good. Adding to the list there could be a Flintstones award.
          Pat Dilling
          Olivehurst, CA
          Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

          LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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            Originally posted by Pat Dilling View Post
            I really think this is a great idea. Run What Ya Brung, or Have sounds good. Adding to the list there could be a Flintstones award.

            Think this would qualify for the "Flintstone" class? Old headlight switch mounted on the wing mount for an ignition switch, ammo box for a seat, and a lawnmower gas can for a fuel tank.
            John Clary
            Greer, SC

            SDC member since 1975


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              Not to criticise bamajak, he has much more knwlege and experience in the NC club than I have, but I thought the term used was, "Work in Progress." Last yer at Lake Junaluska I should have entered the "Under construction/Work in progress" class, but I didn't know about it at the time. If I had done that, I don't think my car ('64 convertible) would have made the top three. As it happened, there was no other car in my class so I got first place. I've felt guilty all year.