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    I don't think we should have an award as "best" anything in the driver class. And I agree with another comment about not having a "Rat" anything. I prefer the term "Warrior," especially for trucks. In fact, I think we should not even have a banquet for the "driver awards."

    Why not have a separate "cook-out" where the event is so casual that it would be impossible to under-dress! Part of the award could be free hot dogs to the drivers and charge folks (like me this year) driving brand X's enough to pay for the Stude drivers hot dogs and burgers.
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    SDC member since 1975


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      Under Construction

      That's what we call a unfinished class at our annual Tri-State meet in the NC mountains.
      Jack White
      North Carolina Studebaker Drivers Club


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        You can't put a lot of these cars in the "unfinished class". They are finished!

        Every Stude I've owned was a total beater and rough around the edges. And they were "done" until they got a new owner.


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          On "RIdes" TV show, Jay Leno working on one of his latest Duesenbergs.
          It was not to be restored but made mechanically sound as the interior and chrome had survived in excellent climate storage the last forty years. He referred to it as "sympathetically restored". It was clear when looking at it that it is not a concours queen. But I'd take it.
          Lark Parker --Just an innocent possum strolling down life's highway.


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            I like it! I think of every dent as aerodynamic improvement like the dimples on a golf ball...
            Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
            Driving a 1954 Champion Coupe powered by a Chrysler 383.
            Lizella, GA


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              Originally posted by fastfritz View Post
              For "Best Unfinished" you would first need to have STARTED something! I like the "Best Driver" category.
              Maybe "Best Unbegun"?
              Brad Johnson,
              SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
              Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
              '33 Rockne 10, '51 Commander Starlight. '53 Commander Starlight
              '56 Sky Hawk in process


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                Special prizes for:

                How full is the drip pan/s at the end of the day.

                How deep is the crud on your x member?

                What did all those cables and wires hanging down used to go to? 1 pt each

                Bumper stickers or decals that may be 'structural'

                "I got pulled over on the way here, but the cop felt so sorry for me -- he let me go" special award

                The biggest tool box

                the smallest tool box

                "I brought the most spare parts"

                " I brought no spare parts"

                The oldest set of tires, sure they can (and should be) miss matched for max points.

                Shortest distance to pop start my car. Pairs and individual competiton.

                My car has no spare tire

                My car has a spare, but I don't have a jack

                Brown, rusty water slowly dripping from anywhere.

                Most present gas odor. 3 catagorys: (inside) (underhood) (gas tank area/fuel lines)


                And hey, if it rains later, can I borrow a wiper arm to go on the tour? and how to drive and wipe/ using rain x .

                How to pull the air cleaner and set the choke in a cold windblown snow storm and be underway in 5 minutes

                I did all this with Krylon!

                How to make a signal fire.

                Syphoning gas!

                Fire fighting basics. How to quickly put out all types of car fires.

                How to: make linkage, springs and brackets out of common roadside debris.


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                  How about calling it "someday class" -I'm gonna restore it some day!


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                    I'm afraid I have already been the recipient of the Ontario Chapter's prestigious "Most Bugs on the Grille" award and "Messiest Back Seat" award. Won hands down, easy with two kids.


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                      I love it!! Finally, a class that Sarah can compete in! I would personally call it the "hound dog" class.
                      @ (S) I like your ideas, too!


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                        Originally posted by (S) View Post
                        Fire fighting basics. How to quickly put out all types of car fires.
                        Do you get bonus points for carrying around fire fighting equipment? (Matt can finish this story....)
                        Chris Dresbach


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                          excellent idea many of us are proud of our Studebakers and the love we give em.


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                            How bout a Rusted out '58 Transtar Automatic? Worth restoring, but RuUUsty!
                            Door bottoms gone, floors holey, bed floor rusted out, one rear fender AWOL, the other with a shotgun hole...
                            Get the picture? Driven Weekly....LOL


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                              Excellent Idea! AACA has two classes which encourage show participation for owners of driver type collector cars. One is DPC, Driver Participation Class, daily driver of all 25 years and older. The other is HPOF class, Historic Preservation of Original Features which encourages preservation of those survivors that have 60% of the original finish, upholstery, chrome etc.

                              Maybe name the class "Life's Hard Knocks Survivors". For Meets, hold an afternoon potluck picnic get-together for fun with no judging, enjoy a nice, relaxed time. There is plenty of time devoted to the wonderfully restored cars which we all enjoy already. Sometimes the show day becomes too uniform year to year as the same restored cars appear and little else new. Nice as they are to see annually, the variety would spice things up a bit.

                              Anything that encourages greater participation by all members, especially if it attracts younger people needs to be aggressively pursued.



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                                Chris' gas cap holder is a sight to behold! I took a photo of it at SI... but it's in my camera, which is misplaced somewhere in the shop (along with my missing fuel pump, I'm sure)