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  • Today's Local Car Show

    We had a very well attended car show here in western Maine today. Just two Studes: my Cruiser and a terrific 1950 Land Cruiser. I had the good fortune to meet and have a long chat with the son of the local Studebaker dealer (O.K. Clifford, in South Paris, ME.), as well as a number of other people who were pleased to see a Stude.

    Ironically, the cars on either side of mine took first (the Impala) and second (Falcon convertible) in the 60s class. Met some interesting people and learned a lot of new things, including a tidbit that in the early 60s, certain Maine State Troopers drove Studebakers. I have to research that.
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    2 Studes is better than none. Any Stude at a mixed car show is good. Shows like this represent us, good job. And nice car!

    There are many posts that are 'searchable' on this forum

    Bob P probably says it best. Here is one of his posts: