Hi and Hello to All,

I need your help in attempting to locate my 1951 Stude 3/4 Pick Up, Painted the original dark Blue to a Gentleman who resided in Armonk, NY area in Westchester County. I had the Pick up stored in a wharehouse I rented in Peekskill, NY during the 80's and 90's. In late 1990's I was getting married, buying a House and starting a Family so to this day I regretably sold it to a Gentleman who was a life long Stude Fan. I am trying to remember his name. I believe it was an un-common first name. I remember he was in his late 40's, early 50's, somewhat short with some health issue's.

The Stude was sold w/o the Motor as the block cracked and I removed it to have it re-done however the trans was still in Truck. The Truck also had no Bed. The original Bed was to far gone. The chassis was completely done as was the paint and Interior. The Truck was dark Blue and White on the Grill and Bumper's.

If anyone know's who I may be referring to please let me know. That Truck had been in my Family since the early 70's. I would love to have it back.

Thank you all,
Joe C NY