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    I have what seems to be a complete and really nice pair of fog lamps. Is there a way to determine what year they are from - '53, '54, '55 or Hawks? Any help will be appreciated.

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    To; ncjdlj,------- The '53-'54 foglamp housings have a smaller 'cutout' than the '55 housings to accommodate the thinner bumper used in '53-'54. Also, the early housings 'wrap under' the bumper further
    than the '55 housings do. The '55 housings seem to be a bit more plentiful than the '53-'54.


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      Do you know if the cut out on the '53 & '54 lamps were more curved than than angled? I've heard that may have been the case.


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        To: ncjdlj,--------I believe I know what Your asking, and I'd say that the '53-'54 housings 'cut out' is more curved than angled. But the real give away is how much more the '53-'54 housings extend back under
        the bumper than the 'chopped off' '55 version. (The '55 version will fit '56-'64 'Hawk Type' bumpers)


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          This is not the greatest picture but, the fog lamp housing on the right is mounted on a '53 bumper. It appears to taper over the top. The '55 housing on the left appears to have a pronounced lip that would hug the top of the bumper.

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            Click image for larger version

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            I also had a pair of original fog lights for the bumpers of Studebaker Hawk. They are quite rare. Sold for $300.

            There are some differences between the years.