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  • Studebaker Pizza!

    So yeah, I finally got a pizza from the Studebaker truck.

    It took a couple hours because the line was miles long most of the day :-)

    Here's the young couple running it working their tails off:

    And, here's my pizza:

    Sausage, mushroom, and onion, super thin crust, baked in a real wood fired oven. About 8 inches in diameter, nine dollars. Tasted very good.

    Maybe a tad pricey, but all considered I didn't think it was bad. Bravo to Stonebaker, the Studebaker pizza truck!
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    That is NOT what I need to be looking at this close to lunchtime Bob!!!!

    But thanks- it gives me an idea for dinner...
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      I guess I'm Spoiled, they are located in Porter County and are parked at the South Shore Station in Beverly Shores most days I see them a lot.....Great Pizza, and a real treat to see them drive around town to the local fairs. For a gourmet pizza, it's worth the price.


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        YES! I'll have one of those and a few of what the guy in the green hat is drinking.
        And yes,I know it's only 7:30 AM, but what the hey?