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62 Hawk Worth??

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  • 62 Hawk Worth??


    I know there have been other threads like this in the past, I am just trying to gauge what a Hawk I found is worth.
    It is a 1962 Hawk GT:
    No Clock or Tach
    White Exterior
    Tan/Green? Interior

    The Car hasn't run in at least 14 years, the owner doesn't even know if the engine is seized or not. It has been sitting in a field for the last 4 years and was sitting in a carport for 10 years prior. It will need new floor boards and trunk floor. The interior is trashed, seats ripped and carpet is gone. The body has some visible rust. I have no idea about anything else on the car, I can only imagine what the under side looks like.

    I kind like the car but would like to have a ball park price in mind before trying to buy it.


    And no the Avanti sitting next to it isn't for sale yet...

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    Look at the FRAMES under those cars!! Are these cars from just outside Kittery? If they are send me a PM and I will give you some insight. Steve


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      this Hawk looks about like mine. I paid $800. BUT I will have so much more in this car than it is worth. 62 Hawks are not hard to find, pick a better one and it will be money well spent. I am going forward with mine only because I know everyone who has ever owned it. My best friend owned it in high school, ect. good luck Click image for larger version

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        Only thing really special for me is the 4 speed. Would love to have all that to upgrade mine. The rear valance for twin exhaust would be nice, the tranny and bell housing, the 4 bbl and manifold, the carb linkage, the clutch assembly, the console... those parts would likely cost me a grand to pick up one at a time. Then I might qualify for the Pure Stock Muscle Car drags ))), 'cept no 4 speeds in 55, damn.
        Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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          Thanks for the replys. The rust that I see on it doesn't scare me to much. I am really just looking for what to try and offer without lowballing too much.