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  • South Bend 2012 Photos

    Have seen only a few bits and pieces; mostly on Facebook. It's still early in the week but, please post your photos and album links here.
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    Here's a few more for ya Brad~


    Is it me or is it odd that there haven't been more this time around?
    Bummer for us, eh?
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      Maybe folks in attendance are awaiting for the big turn-out on Thursday when judging takes place. The only thing I have photos of thus far is from today's visit to the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museum. That place is AWESOME!
      Hey Dave, how do I find your dad? I would like to meet him?
      In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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        I'll be doing more tomorrow from the Concours. I didn't bring a still camera, just taking one at a time, dumping in Photobucket, then posting here, all from the iPhone; so it's a bit cumbersome. While there won't be as many as usual, I will have more. Look for my thread to bump up.

        My main focus this trip is the GoPro camera. Friday it will be in the Tomato, watching Ted work, then Sat. on the test track. I made a fixture that will allow me to take video outside the car, and I can rotate it front to rear. I'll be doing that from shotgun while Brian Greenall drives, couple other Aussies on board as well. Should be fun!

        More stills tomorrow, though.....
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          Here are some pics from Division 1.
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