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Good day at the swap

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  • Good day at the swap

    Had a pretty good day at the swap.Parts were sold to folks from 12 states plus South Africa,Sweden,New Zealand and Australia.Enjoyed meeting many familiar faces and the usual banter over pricing.
    Best story of the day was a guy haggling over the price of a couple of whisker tack strips for a C/K 1/4 window.
    I wholesale price most of my stuff so I was asking $1.00 each for the parts.Guy was grousing that the price was too high....all the time eating a burger from the food vendor that was probably twice what the parts were.When I pointed that out he ponied up.
    Tomorrow the NOS will hit the table and I still have way too much trim and stuff to haul back.
    Look forward to seeing more familiar folks as the week goes by.My spaces are 100-106 right across from the Singer/registration building.Look for the fat man melting in the heat
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    Some one had a great day.... I arrived at the swap meet around 4pm today and there's a gorgeous black/tan, 83 Avanti w/51K original miles....... Sold for $11,5....
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)