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I Did Build it Myself !!!!

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  • I Did Build it Myself !!!!

    Building of Non-PC Champ. If you insist on being politically correct, DON'T watch !

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    Hey thats a cool truck , good job on the truck and the video.....nice work !

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      Me likey!!!
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        Originally posted by mmagic View Post
        Building of Non-PC Champ. If you insist on being politically correct, DON'T watch !
        That is one of the neatest presentations of a build that this forum has seen. Well done!!

        What did you use to edit the video?



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          Originally posted by sweetolbob View Post

          What did you use to edit the video?

          I used Pinnacle 14 by Avid ... It even creates the music and somehow times it to the video... note the very end... You pick the music and it just does it. I thought of using "Studie in the Weeds" by the Calhoons !.... Albums "Studebaken" and "Everybody's Uncle used to have one".

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            Right on!!


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              NICE work! You driving here to South Bend this week???

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                That's really cute, Merlin.

                A great build and such thorough photography; almost a continuous movie.

                Congratulations. BP
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                  I am in ah of the workmanship on the truck. The video also! I watched and am glad I did.
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                    Wow! I dont know which I liked better, the great job on the Champ or the video! Well done! I've been in the body shop business for over 45 years so I have an idea or two what it should look like.
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                      Nice job on the truck and video . Restorations would be nice and more completed if they could get done that fast ASk the man who has done it


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                        Fantastic job on the truck and the video. I really like the truck, color combo, options and all. I wish I could do either one this well.


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                          Thanks for the unsolicited voter message. Nice truck.
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                            Thanks All for the flattery even if not earned...
                            The Pics are just a collection of the Pictures I took as I went through the process because this old memory is not what it used to be (or ever was)! For that purpose the several hundred digital pics have been invaluable in getting the right wire or piece in the right place. With today's software, piecing this little video together this morning took less time than getting the turn signal switch assembly to function properly this afternoon.

                            Unfortunately, for you body shop types it is still a 20 footer.... This is the first attempt I ever made at welding, body work, upholstery or painting (in the last 50 years) and in real life it does show. Paint is original Apache Red and non-original (but available option) Parchment White.

                            I had planned to attend SB but thanks to the market its not in the cards. Though not in the original plans, it drives good enough that I'd now have driven it there.

                            For the record non-standard tweaks made are:
                            * Remote Brake Fluid reservoir
                            * Halogen headlights and relays
                            * 240-Z Radiator
                            * KN knock off air cleaner
                            * Tachometer so I can confirm when in OD
                            * Fuse Block
                            * Dome light
                            * 4-Way Flasher switch
                            * Boat trailer tail lights


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                              Good Truck and good message!
                              My first car on the road again!

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