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    [QUOTE=Bob Andrews;666235]Tough if you don't like it. Just don't read it. You don't have to agree, just ignore it. And, it's too bad if most want to try to do what's right for America.

    You posted just to plug YOUR agenda. Your last sentence sounds like a little kid tattling to the teacher no more like an adult setting standards for all of us to follow

    I doubt you'll have to freak out for long. Forum policy has come to falling apart over any political statements, even when they're right, lest the wrong get their feelings hurt. I'm sure soon every little thing will be breathlessly erased, including both our comments. I just hope that mmagic's neat video doesn't get deleted or sensored as well.

    Come on, man, humor those of us in the vast majority that believe in free speech. I believe in free speech that why I can say mitt is a thief no threatening to go to the teacher just want to know the rules

    Following are the general forum participation policies, including, but not limited to, those all registered forum members had already agreed to when they first registered for the SDC forums.

    In order to use these forums, users are required to provide:

    1. User name and password (Do not use inappropriate user names!)
    2. Valid e-mail address
    3. Real first and last name (NOTE: members from the old forum need to update their profiles to include this if not done already)

    Neither the Administrators of these forums, or the Moderators participating, are responsible for the privacy practices of any user. Remember that all information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to share any of your personal information.

    Personal issues with vendors or other members are not to be discussed on this Forum. Doing so may result in the discussion being locked or deleted at the administrator's or moderator's discretion.

    By registering and participating in these forums you are expected to be courteous and respectful to all others even when there are differences of opinions.

    Political, religious, racial and volatile subjects are not permitted in any of these forums.

    The administrator and moderators may edit, delete or move any threads deemed inappropriate.

    Repeated violations of forum rules can lead to temporary suspension or permanent banning.

    If it is add a disclaimer and open season on all the political hacks are fair game count me in. I just want to know what the rules are, Some folks appear that following expectations is not there forte.
    I think all those folks that are working because chevy and dodge survived and saved those jobs. That is a good thing..


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      Ah, there's nothing un-PC about your video. Violation of Forum policy, maybe, but I'm pretty sure we were more impressed with the success of your truck project and the informative slide show documenting your efforts. We're Studemobakerepublicraticans first.

      Be careful in crosswinds, though, those signs often flip-flop and blow off to the Caymans!
      62 GT


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        Keep in mind that our freedom of speech doesn't apply to private property. In the same way that I'm well within my rights to kick you out of my home if you start making comments I don't approve of, the admin here can boot any thread for any reason at his discretion.

        Also, rules about no volatile subjects are added to forums because it keeps people from acting like little children. If we could be grown ups, these rules wouldn't exist. So it's sort of violating the spirit of forum policy to act a little immature when someone crosses the line.
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          Yep, it is a little quick for old eyes... 312 frames in 140 seconds doesn't allow for many blinks but provided a little sequence deception. Actually I cheated a bit (maybe a lot) on the sequence as like many of projects the redos are what tried the patience. The fenders were on and off so many times the bolt holes were starting to wear. The steering wheel was off at least 15 times just trying to get the turn signal mechanism to work. One fender clip had to be removed and re-attached in a more appropriate direction and the seat had to be re-done because my head was 3 inches into the headliner! The list of some "Oh &&*^*&^ moments" were documented in a previous post.

          For 8 months the motto has been, "This is practice for the Speedster". But, the Champ has taken on a life of its own... in the last 60 miles it's drawn 27 thumbs up..... and 5 "who made Studebaker ?" 's !


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            This is great. You get a newer member to just about R&R every nut and bolt out of a Studebaker and now he is being raked over the coals. Get your panties out of a bunch! Just look at what he did! So what if his political views are different than yours! He has preserved another Studebaker in less time than it takes some people to wake up in the morning! It is unfortunate that the person that will get banned doesn't really deserve it, the same few crybabies on the other hand...
            Please grow up...I am getting tired of this nonsense.
            Packard Hawk


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              Let us all desist with all political comments in this thread. Those of you bringing politics into this thread should take note that the original poster HAS NOT made any such comments in any of his replies. Let the rest of us follow his lead and talk about his Studebaker.


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                Originally posted by BobGlasscock View Post
                Let us all desist with all political comments in this thread. Those of you bringing politics into this thread should take note that the original poster HAS NOT made any such comments in any of his replies. Let the rest of us follow his lead and talk about his Studebaker.
                Comical beyond belief! This is a minefield and I have chosen not to participate. (It has taken a lot of restraint, and those who know me understand that.)

                However, the original poster knew that and I am sure he is having a great time. Kinda like the guy who walks into a bar, starts an argument, and then goes out to the parking lot, sets on his tailgate and watches as the fight spills out side....or like the kayaker who parks his kayak down stream from a water fall so that he can watch all the mayhem as the canoes tip over!
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                  Administrator-- Please close this thread for further comment as it has taken on an alter life.



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                    Nice Job!!


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                        Good job with the truck, the two-tone color is very eye-catching. Nice job with the video as well. It is well-paced and, as someone else said the "dorky music" fits well, too. I hope you enjoy driving your new truck on all the roads that you build yourself!
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                          Thanks for posting the Video; it was nice of you to share the great job you did on the Champ. I'm glad you have a sense of humor; it's a sad thing that some have to stumble through life looking for something to be offended by.

                          Studebakers are for fun and most people on this forum know that, ignore the rest.
                          Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain !




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                            LOOK..... These forums are and always have been populated by folks who lean DECIDEDLY CONservative. In a sense, I don't think that's a surprise - at least it shouldn't be. I've endured - AND complained on occassion - about the simmering "Rightness" that lurks just under the surface here. I'll just say it outrright - I'm a bleeding heart Liberal /Progressive as far as political leanings go Feel free to tell me how stupid and misguided I am in my leanings
                            The Rightness? It's ALWAYS been there in spite of some of the most blatant transgressors who might protest. Having a black man in OUR Whitehouse just does not set well with most SDCers - I'd bet money on it. (BTW, I've never met a black SDC member, but one surely must exist - Right?)
                            Never mind that filthy rich Americans are BUYING the legislators they want (and convincing you it's in YOUR best interests). But that said, we're supposed to NOT cross the line of PC as we pretend we're all neutral here. Maybe we NEED a seperate forum where we can lament the stupidity of the "other side" and fight the perpetual fight as to what faction it really was that brought Studebaker to a standstill. SURELY - if the unions had agreed to work for a dollar an hour (I'm just guessing with that figure here) Studebaker could've sold cars like hotcakes and made the Big 3 tremble. Forget how the union workers would've managed on 40 bucks a week after taxes. Forget how unions established the 40-hour weeks, fought child labor, fought for wages one could get by on, gave us things so many take for granted nowdays, like health insurance, holidays and the concept of an annual vacation. Forget all that - It's the executives and investors that should've come first and been rewarded.

                            The thread line mmagic used in comedic fashion - is straight off of Fox "news". It DID come out of our President's mouth initially, but like so MANY quotes FOX serves up, the context was omitted. And you can bet your best shoes that omission wasn't an accident. What about the sheet steel that was used to repair these fenders? Who did that? What about the tools, the rivets, the paint and the roads all that got to local stores via??? So - a project was done - without acknowledging those who facilitated it. Good deal! Congratulations. Kinda like an ace fighter pilot saying he owed all his victories to his innate shooting abilities. Duh - what about the fightrer factory - the designers - the training - the maintenace men (I used to be one of those). Your victories would've been just as easy without all those folks and input to stand on? Wow! And Hollywood has to manufacture supermen.
                            I don't know if mmagic has noticed my PM to him about how I liked the video until I got to the end. I thought it was cool enough to forward it to a friend who I helped assemble a Champ from pieces of five different vehicles awhile back. ALL the folks that made that beautiful 8E-7 come together - I'll never be able to acknowledge. Of course, I can tell everyone I did it myself, and they'll believe me.

                            OH CLARK !!!!!!
                            No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                              Mr. K, i have been so glad you've been back. so much information - past and now, present again!

                              i happen to have political opinions different than you, and have done my best not to express them after a few "stove-hugger" posts last year.

                              now, i liked mmagics' video - not for the title, or the last few frames of it - but for the "build"!!! that's why i'm here: to learn about all things Studebaker.

                              no, i wouldn't have used that title or the last few pics. there are other places online for political opinion.

                              shoot, there appears way too many political "power trips" going on in the SDC!

                              i'm going to love studes no matter what! no one will stand in my way...
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                                Originally posted by Roscomacaw View Post

                                OH CLARK !!!!!!