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Cockpit View, Underway In The 56J

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  • Cockpit View, Underway In The 56J

    Used my son's IPOD to snap this pic coming up the road today, on the first leg of our trip to SB. Came 370 miles today and got a little over 20 MPG at 70-75 MPH. Engine temp ran 165-170. Did not need AC today, as outside temp was high 70s to low 80s, with light rain here and there. AC does not affect engine temp or MPG much on this car.

    I have had this cockpit view in this 56J now for about 25 years and 147,000 miles now. I consider myself to be a very lucky guy, especially since it has never made me walk a single step (knock on wood).

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    Lemme try again.


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      Nice ...thats gotta be a OD tranny in there at about 75mph and a little over 2K way to fly <g>
      Safe in NF tomorrow shows gorgeous should have a good day to see the falls.....enjoy !

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        To Joe Hall,----Those gauge readings are SWEET! That big Packard has some 'grunt' Huh?


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          It has a T85-OD, with 3.31 TT rear gears; gives it a 2.39 final drive ratio in 3rd gear OD. At 2500 on the tach, it is going 81 MPH. The OEM 56J, OD setup, with 3.92 rear end, has a 2.75 FD, and goes 70 MPH at 2500 RPM. The 56Js were offered with as low as 3.54 rear end, but not 3.31. But the 352 is more than up to the task. I've been running that setup since I first got the car; converted it over from the Ultramatic within the first few thousand miles.

          The oil pressure runs 58-60, an idles at 45-50, thanks to the Olds pump. It also produces a steady stream of oil at the rockers, instead of the drip-drip of the OEM pump.

          The ammeter, according to some folks here, is not supposed to work, since it is monitoring a 70+ amp alternator. I have never had to change anything with the ammeter when setting one up with an alternator.

          The vacuum is pretty good still, considering the engine block now has about 90,000 miles on the last rebuild, and the heads have closer to 125,000 IIRC.

          Yep, she's a keeper


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            Good show, Joe!

            Not only do I envy you going to South Bend in such style, I envy the weather you are experiencing! I did not know that any part of the county was that cool. High here today was 107, and it's still 104. The back room of the Quonset is 110, so I'm sitting in the front room, being thankful for AC, and watching you guys have all the fun.

            Keep us posted!
            Dave Lester